Trials of Mana Land Umber Boss Guide

Land Umber is another very challenging boss in Trials of Mana. You’ll face him after quite a lot of toil in Daria, Gem Valley. To make Trials of Mana Land Umber Boss battle easier or you, we have curated this guide.

Trials of Mana Land Umber Boss

Land Umber is the God Beast of Earth and a very strong boss when it comes to the boss battle. It has a huge hovering torso for a body and two massive rock hands levitating around its body.

Land Umber has two crystal each on both hands that have their own HP bars. Breaking one of these shards will disable its hands leaving it unable to use them for offense and making its torso vulnerable to direct attack.

The only way that you can inflict damage on it is to disable its hands and then go for the unguarded body.

With its arms, it executes a few very effective attacks. In Hammer Punch attack, Land Umber boss smashes the player with one of its hands, the hand stays on the ground for a couple of seconds.

That’s when you can go for the crystal. Quickly followed by that it does an Earthquake attack whereby rocks emerge from the ground just beside its stranded hand to damage any player approaching the crystals.

You can only dodge these attacks from Land Umber by jump and roll; at precise moments.

The God Beast of Earth also punches any player nearby throwing them far away, breaking their attack and staggering them for a short moment.

It’ll also make a mist of gas appear near its torso, mainly when its hands are disabled; it called the Stone Cloud.

This gas will turn any player that comes into contact to stone for the rest of the battle.

In the Hyper Cannon attack from Land Umber boss, it rejuvenates its hand and collects power to launch a very powerful attack.

This attack can be broken by continuously attacking it while it collects power for this attack.

It also uses some minor attacks like Meteor attack in which it hurls a meteor shower on targeted spots in the field.

These are all the moves and attacks that Land Umber might use in battle. With knowledge of all these, you’d be able to better devise a strategy to defeat Land Umber boss.

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