Trials of Mana Koropokkur Woods Walkthrough

Koropokkur Woods is a main story mission area. In this guide, we will take you through Trials of Mana Koropokkur Woods where your objective is to find Domperi in the woods.

Trials of Mana Koropokkur Woods

After you have entered the woods, you will see 3 objective markers on your map. Start by finding Koropokkur who is at one of the three markers.

On your way, grab 2x Candy from the chest under the tree root on the right. There is Chocolate from the chest under the tree root to the left.

Now head to the next quest marker which is located inside the house to find Koropokkur. Talk to him and he will tell you that he just saw Domperi outside.

Now, head back outside and starting walking north towards another house in Koropokkur Woods.

There is another man here who won’t be of much help, but there is a candy behind his house which you can collect.

Now head to the northeastern side of the village to find a chest containing Honey Elixir.

Now head towards the objective marker on the southside. Here, you will meet another Koropokkur in here. He will tell you again that Domperi was just outside.

Now head to the last objective marker. You will meet a bearded Koropokkur here.

You will come to know that the previous two Koropokkur were Domperi impersonating them!

The bearded Koropokkur will tell you that we need to get the help of Sylphid and to head to Gusthall and look for the Windstone.

A new objective will be to get on a boat and head to Palo. But before leaving, there are 2 chests that can be found nearby.

Go inside the southeastern house and in here use the red mushrooms on the wall to get to a platform above that has a chest containing Silver Seed item.

The last chest is in the northwestern house and contains Faerie Walnut.

When you are ready, head to Jadd to catch a boat ride to Palo Port. From there, go to Heavensway and see the objective marker on the map. Head there to enter Gusthall. This will be all in the Koropokkur Woods.

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