Trials of Mana King of Ferolia Boss Guide

Having trouble dealing with Trials of Mana King of Ferolia boss? Well, we have prepared a thorough guide looking into the King of Ferolia boss, all of his attack moves, and how to dodge and counter them.

Trials of Mana King of Ferolia Boss

At the start of the battle, the King of Ferolia boss will be in its normal state.

The most basic attack of the boss is his slashing ability. He moves forward and clashes with you with his claws, two or sometimes three times in quick succession.

It is better to roll around the boss rather than rolling away, as he has great speed and a forward thrust to his slashes. Sometimes he finishes these attacks by jumping and slamming into the ground.

Moving on to his special abilities, the first one we will look at is when he jumps high into the air, high enough that he may go out of your line of vision.

When this happens, a ring emerges on the ground that follows you until it fills completely, when it does fill, the King of Ferolia slams his body into the ground and a ring of fire envelops the whole area marked by the ring for a short duration.

So, keep moving and roll right as he slams into the ground to quickly move out of the ring of fire radius.

The second special attack is when King of Ferolia hovers just above the ground and a red AOE (area of effect) ring surrounds him, quickly followed by a blue freezing blast that damages you and pushes you away.

The last special power you need to be vary of is, when the king suddenly raises one of his hands in the air and a red AOE surrounds him.

In this attack he makes very quick slashes that cause a purple hurricane to rise up, this hurricane will trap you, and then finally the king smashes the ground with his feet sending you flying. So be sure to not get caught in this attack.

Another ability he may use is his dash ability to quickly close the distance between the two of you, the dash length and area will be marked by a red line to show the King of Ferolia boss is about to dash.

Rage Phase
Now after you take more than half his health away, he will become enraged and a red aura or glow will start going around his body.

In this enraged mode, he won’t get any new attacks but he sure will get improved damage and faster attacks, so the king won’t let you get a breather.

It is always good to stock up on health potions before going for the battle, make sure you are at least level 60 or higher.

Use your healing after a successful dodge of the Boss’s attacks and make sure to put some distance between the two of you to do that and continue on with the King of Ferolia boss fight.

Keep the above tips in mind and you will ultimately defeat the boss.

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