Trials of Mana Jewel Eater Boss Guide

Jewel Eater Boss is a huge mole creature with some pretty devastating, fast-paced moves. You will have to be pretty quick and focused while fighting him or you might lose your chances. This Trials of Mana Jewel Eater Boss guide covers the complete battle against Jewel Eater Boss along with all his lethal attacks and how to defeat him.

Trials of Mana Jewel Eater Boss

Jewel Eater appears in the game after your meeting with Watts. As sudden as it appears, his moves are also similarly fast-paced. Here are all of Jewel Eater boss’ moves and how to dodge them and counter him.

Diamond Shards
Jewel Eater wants to make sure you maintain your distance from him. When you start attacking him from a very close range, he will use the Diamond Shards move covering a circular area in front of him.

Jewel Eater will try pressing you under his huge paws by lifting them up in the air and then pushing back to the ground. You must stay away of the marked area and go for counter-attacks.

Hard Hit
The second deadly move of the Jewel Eater is the Hard Hit. This attack covers a huge area as he runs from one end to the other while damaging everyone who gets in his way.

You must dodge left or right at this time and stay away.

Ground Slam
His third move will be the Ground Slam. He will get pretty red as if he is very angry and then moves a few steps forward.

Jewel Eater boss will then start slamming the ground and damaging anyone getting closer to his paws.

This movement will generate so much chaos that the stones will start falling off the roof of the cave. Hence you must be pretty quick in terms of movement to avoid any type of damage.

Keep dealing him critical damage and soon his health will deplete to zero.