Trials of Mana Jadd Stronghold Walkthrough

Jadd is a city full of adventure in which you will also have to lay low for its under control by some beastmen. You have to escape the city at its darkest times in the night and in this Trials of Mana Jadd Stronghold walkthrough we will show you how to escape Jadd.

This guide is a walkthrough of the complete city of Jadd focusing on all the main objectives eventually leading you out of Jadd Stronghold.

Trials of Mana Jadd Stronghold

So your main objective is to find a way to escape Jadd. But before that, there is a lot to explore.

So walk up the stairs and then turn left. Enter the bar here and talk to the bartender.

He will tell you about the beastmen and that you should not go out in the dark. But if you want to escape, night time is the perfect time.

Now you have enough time until the night to explore the city. You may go around and loot everything you get your hands on.

Once you have explored the area, head back to where you started from and head into the shop beside the tunnel. You will find a magic pot here so you can plant seeds here.

Talk to the innkeeper then and he will tell you that you can rest in here. So take rest until night and a cut scene will trigger showing beastmen transformed into beasts.

So head outside the inn and there will be a chest right in front of you. Loot the chest and then turn left.

Go straight and you will see some bushed to your right. There will be something glowing in them. That’s a medical herb. Loot it and head further to the left.

There will be a giant door to your right. Enter through it and you will be in Rabite Forest.

You now have the objective to head to the Cascade Cavern. So go straight and walk up the stairs. There will be a chest to your right here. Defeat the rabbit to be able to open the chest.

Keep looting whatever comes your way and keep heading further. After a lot of loot and small fights against rabbits, bugs and mushbooms, you will eventually come across the Cascade Cavern.

There will be a force stopping you and now your objective will be to break the barrier. But at this point, at least you have successfully escaped the Jadd Stronghold city and will head into Rabite Forest.