Trials of Mana Heavensway Walkthrough

After leaving Palo Port, you will continue your journey through Heavensway. In this Trials of Mana Heavensway walkthrough, we will take you through this dangerous new area and help you find all the collectibles.

In this Heavensway guide, we will explain what level you need to be on and what type of enemies you will face throughout the level.

Trials of Mana Heavensway

So the level that we recommend you to be at to get through the Heavensway is level 16, as all the enemies that you face are less than or equal to level 16 themselves.

Here are the enemies that you will face during the whole level:

  • Harpy (Level 14)
  • Needlebeak (Level 14)
  • Zombie (Level 15)
  • Imp (Level 14 or 15)
  • Copper Knight (14, 15 or 16)

You will start the level with the objective Search for the elemental of wind and you will start at the beach where you will find the Li’l Cactus and the Magic Rope.

Now you will be just one cactus away from getting your reward, so now start going towards the steep path that you see on the north side and here you will face a new enemy.

These enemies are just some ordinary Needlebeaks and there nothing to worry about to be honest, they will just create whirlwinds that you can manage to take care of easily.

Then just continue getting up the slope and along the way you will face some more Needlebeaks and one new enemy called Harpy as well.

You know the drill with Needlebeaks now, take care of Harpy as well and continue on your way through Heavensway.

After facing these enemies you will have a bridge in front of you, cross the bridge and now turn left and when you drop down from that path you will find a chest with 360 Lucre.

After getting 360 Lucre, get back on the main path and go ahead, and just when you start moving ahead you will face the new enemy the Copper Knight.

This is a tough one as he has strong shields and high defenses. Get rid of him and get up the slope where you will find candy on your right and just on the next sparkle you will find 60 Lucre.

As you go up the slope, you will see a huge bridge on your east and now you have to go that way, as you go to your way, don’t forget to explore along the way to find different items.

When you are going to the bridge mentioned above, just go to your northwest and up the steps and you will face a dead end ahead of you to the east, this is where you will find a chocolate chest.

After getting the chest with chocolates, just go to your west inside the cave and there will be another chest waiting for you with Cup of Wishes in it.

Now get back on the track that is getting you to north and keep looking and getting the candy along the way.

Now when you go to the very end of your path you will see two exits in front of you.

One exit that is to your east gets you to the front of Laurent where you can’t do much for now so get back and go to the exit that is to your north and you will find another chest with Cup of Wishes.

After this, get back to the main path where the bridge is, cross this bridge, and then use the Mana Statue, then go ahead and exit the cave and then go downstairs to get the candy that is in between the stairs and the river.

The end of the Heavensway is when you go ahead from here to the large flower field in front and you will be knocked completely.

This will be the end of Heavenway and you will get to the Laurent Secret Base next.