Trials of Mana Gusthall Walkthrough

After going through Koropokkur Woods, your next main mission area will be Gusthall. In this guide, we have prepared a complete and detailed guide Trials of Mana Gusthall section.

Trials of Mana Gusthall

As you start the level in the cave in Gusthall, first go left. You’ll see zombies around a fallen Harpy. Kill them all.

Once they are dealt with, get the candy in the area, and you’ll also find a Lil’ Cactus. This should be the 15th spot where you find him.

Go north from here now, grab the sparkle on the right and cross the little bridge. Here, you find that one of the wind statues is broken, and that this confirm the idea that somebody is after Sylphid.

Head straight into the halls. This is where you’ll encounter multiple wind statues. These are blowing air out of their mouths and will push you in that direction.

Go south past the air and you can find a sparkle and a chest containing a chocolate

Continue north past the zombies and imps and again, you will find a chest to your right. You’ll notice here a little pedestal with a triangle on top. Interact with these pedestals.

These are used to turn the statues turn 90 degrees and blow air in the opposite direction. Keep in mind that ALL the statues and pedestals are connected.

So if you turn any pedestal, all the statues throughout the Gusthall map will turn.

Cross and use the next pedestal. Go east to fight some imps and you’ll see 3 statues in this little area. There’s also a chest here with silver item seed.

On the west, you will find a sparkle, along with two copper knights. Take them out and grab the chest to get a chocolate.

Turn off the pedestal and go southeast to fight harpies and a copper knight. Kill them and use the pedestal to proceed further in Gusthall.

You can find candy to the west on the other side of the tunnel. You can go around the winds in this area to get a cup of wishes in a chest.

Continue going south and you’ll reach a larger area. Go east and examine the statue here. This will create a shortcut towards the south of the hall.

Go west all the way past the enemies to find a dream reed. Head north now and you’ll see a wind statue blowing air across the platform here.

Be sure to get the Lil’ Cactus on your left here. Just run towards the wind statue, and let it blow you off. Using the momentum gained from the statue, you can jump across to the platform to get the Lil’ Cactus.

Set the pedestal to blue and cross the platform.on your left will be another chest. Leave the chest for now, we will get to it in a bit.

Continue north through Gusthall and you’ll see air will block the path. Have it push you north and you will face some enemies. Kill them, grab the candy in the area and switch the pedestal to green.

Now we can get out of this little hole. Also, now as the statues are turned, you can get honey elixir from the chest you passed before.

Continue and we’ll reach a much larger hall filled with air statues and pits. Set the pedestal to blue and return to the beginning of this area.

Now go south and east when possible. Out here you’ll find a pedestal and the last chest of the area with chain mail, which is probably a body armor for the main character you are using.

Now set the pedestal to green, go around and exit the area to the southwest. Out here kill the enemies, again examine the statue to create another shortcut.

Go ahead, use the Mana Statue and move forward to find our very first Mana Stone. After the scene, we’ll get some info about Class Change.

These Mana Pots allow you to switch classes. These can be helpful to allow you to set your characters to classes that better suit your style.

Each time you switch classes, your character becomes stronger than before.

After switching classes, head north. You should also do some training and re-equip your items that better suit your preferred class.

Harcypete Boss Moves
Make sure you get the best set up as you are about to face the boss of this area, Harcypete

  • Air Rush. Summons a cyclone vertically. The damage radius can be outrun. In late stage of the fight, Harcypete can summon multiple of these.
  • Harcypete attacks in a circle, that can be dodged. If not, Harcypete lunge and grab you, then throw your character dealing high damage. It can be counter-attacked if dodged.
  • Summons a wind projectile to first, act as a barrier for Harcypete, then launches it towards a character. Area of damage is shown and can be avoided.
  • Cyclone +. Harcypete will target you through a spell line of fire, them unleash a strong cyclone. The attack is very strong, so dodge such that none of your teammates get caught in crossfire.
  • Harcypete will go to the center of the arena and charge up her attack. These attacks are strong and can deal over 100 points of damage. It also covers a large area so you need to either get out of the area or if you have a strong character, attacking her hard enough will knock her out of this attack. The 2nd option should be preferred as AI teammates do not get out of the attack radius.

After the fight, Sylphid will agree to help you and the mission will be completed. For now, head back to Somnosa Meadows.

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