Trials of Mana Gova Boss Guide

Gova is a ghost boss who is found on the ship of wandering souls, the Ghost Ship area. You’ll fight him to lift the curse off of your friend. This Trials of Mana Gova Boss guide covers the secret strategy to defeat this level 25 boss with ease.

Gova may possess a ghostly figure but it can easily be defeated by one move. Yes! You heard right. You can easily defeat Gova by using one move, the Holy Bolt.

Trials of Mana Gova Boss

Once you’ve came to the ship of wandering souls, you’ll be welcomed by the Shadow of Gova.

In order to release your friend from the curse, you’ll have to defeat Gova. So, the Boss fight begins here.

Gova doesn’t play around and goes straight for your character, he has few lethal attacks up his sleeves such as the Dark Force and the most effective one, The Ghostleader.

Dark force is basically an offensive spell that attacks the target with exploding spheres of dark energy. So, make sure to jump to the other side to dodge this attack.

The Ghostleader is a move where Gova creates few Red paths on the ground and summons few ghost minions.

This move is hard to dodge as it takes up the entire ground area, so simply avoid it by moving to an empty area without the red paths.

Also, there’s one more move Gova uses where he shoots some kind of Purple Crystals through a portal that comes out from the ground. So, keep an eye on that one.

Since you now know all the moves and their counters let’s move on to your attacks. The number one move you can use to lower Gova’s health is the Holy Bolt.

Why is this move so recommended? Because Gova is vulnerable to light and using the Holy Bolt you cause light magic damage resulting in the loss of his health and his defeat.

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