Trials of Mana Goremand Boss Guide

This Trials of Mana Remake Goremand Boss guide will cover the entirety of this boss fight. Goremand is Kevin and Charlotte’s main antagonist and feeds on human souls while dressed up as a Jester. We will go over the best strategy for defeating Goremand when you encounter him.

Trials of Mana Goremand Boss

At the start of the fight, Goremand will split into 3 versions of himself that will spread out across the arena and start hopping around. You must attack each of them individually.

Have Kevin aggressively attack one while your party members focus on the others. You can take them out pretty quickly by using the Seiryu Strike. The boss will go back to being one.

Get near and attack him but watch out for his attacks. One such attack is when he swings his scythe while spinning really fast.

This move is telegraphed by a red circle on the floor beneath him so once you see it, dodge and roll to get out of the way.

Immediately after the attack, you will have a brief window of opportunity to land some hits in.

Another move you need to watch out for is his ground slam. He will jump up and after doing a mid-air flip, he will land hard onto the ground.

If you happen to get hit by this then you will lose a fair bit of HP. Dodge it and then go back to hitting Goremand.

When you’ve brought down the enemy’s HP by half then he will stay floating in the sky while several spotlights chase you around the area.

If you find yourself caught in one then you will be stunned for about 10 seconds.

This will leave that character vulnerable to attacks so defend him or her by switching to another member of the party.

Keep moving around the battlefield and repeat this strategy of dodging and then attacking to beat this boss fight.

Just be sure to use your support character to heal your party members every once in a while when they find themselves in a tough spot against Goremand during the boss fight.