Trials of Mana Golden Road Walkthrough

In this Trials of Mana Golden Road walkthrough, we will take you through the entire journey across the area after you leave the Free City of Maia and head towards Stonesplit Gap.

Trials of Mana Golden Road

Once you spawn at the start of Golden Road, your primary objective is to Head to Valsena. On the way there, you’ll fight a lot of lesser foes and loot hidden chest and collect hidden items.

Right off the start, you’ll meet a person when you move up the stairs and on to the road. After interacting with him, you’ll move along and fight a Rabite and a Goblin just a few steps head.

After defeating them, take the path between the trees on the left that leads to the beach.

There you’ll find a chest behind the trees on the left and a seed just beneath the stairs.

Having taken these items, head back to the road and move ahead on the path to fight a couple of Rabites and Chobin Hoods.

Kill them and look on the left to hop onto the steps to get to a Candy placed on a rock pillar.

After that, right around the turn, you’ll find a chest behind a tree on the right. Directly opposite to that is a hidden alternative pathway. Take it.

On it, you’ll find a Rabite guarding 20 Lucre right in front.

Take that and move along towards the closed path that comes on the right. At the end of it, you’ll find a chest guarded by some Assassinants; the chest has a Glass Ring in it.

After that, head come out of the closed path into an open area where a couple of Rabite are wandering.

You have to head rightwards coming out of the closed path to continue on the alternative road. You’ll find 30 more Lucre on the left-hand side.

Following that, move along and you’ll head out of a gate back onto the Golden Road. Kill the Goblin that block the path.

Back on the Golden Road, head leftwards to continue your path on the road. Just a few steps ahead, you’ll encounter your first Li’l Cactus. This’ll start your Li’l Cactus sighting campaign.

Moving on, on the right you’ll find a chest in the corner, behind the trees. Open it and keep moving.

You’ll pass through a tunnel (sort of) and on the other side is a silver mana statue.

From there, you can take a little detour on the path towards the right that leads into a cave. You’ll find a couple of chests containing chocolate and a Cup of Wishes, and about 30 Lucre in there.

Keep going ahead and you’ll find yourself on a hanging wooden bridge where you’ll have a mini-boss battle with two Machine Golems.

Be warned, they are some tough enemies. Be sure that you use the golden mana statue in the previous area before you proceed to come here.

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