Trials of Mana Golden Knight Boss Guide

Get ready to face off the Golden Knight in Trials of Mana. Gather up your supplies, and get the best of your attacks ready as you attempt to fend him off. We have made a list of all the moves, and what the best counter against each one of them is in this Trials of Mana Golden Knight Boss guide.

Trials of Mana Golden Knight Boss

The Golden Knight boss has a large health pool and he’s extremely agile, moving throughout the arena at all times.

His attacks are fast, and his AoEs are even more dangerous considering how fast they charge up.

The Knight will keep you at your toes the entire time; staying mobile is the key to avoiding attacks in this fight. Pausing movement at any point is going to result in you getting hit.

Trillion Stabs
As the Golden Knight teleports around the arena and dashes with amazing speed towards you, he will whirl his sword with great speed at you, attempting to stab you.

Try not to get caught in this attack, or it will definitely lead to more than one hit.

Three-Slash Combo
This attack is a very basic attack from the Golden Knight where he will slash his swords for a total of three times, ending it with an opening; which essentially allows you to get some damage in before he dashes away.

Lightning Hurricane
The Knight will dash to you as he conjures a lightning storm using his sword; the AoE will be indicated by a giant red circle just underneath you.

Dodge away before it fills up in order to avoid damage. You can continue to deal damage to the Golden Knight once you’re out of the Area of Effect.

Lightning Explosion
Brace yourselves as the Golden Knightboss prepares an explosive attack that will affect a large radius; start moving as soon as you see him in the center of the circle and his sword turn red; once you’re out of the circle, you’re good.

Lightning Outburst
He will charge himself up, flowing with energy as he turns red and continues to unleash lightning attacks within a marked red lane.

Dodge it once it’s locked onto you, and only then in order to avoid damage

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