Trials of Mana Ghost Ship Walkthrough

After completing Citadel Laurent, the next area you reach is the Ghost Ship. In this Trials of Mana Ghost Ship Walkthrough, we will go over every mandatory and optional objective, as well as everything you can find in the Ghost Ship area.

Trials of Mana Ghost Ship

After boarding the ship from Palo Port, you will fall asleep onboard and then be awoken by rumbling and the sound of a scream. You must now investigate.

Search the Ghost Ship
Go to the first room straight ahead to collect a Silver Item Seed, and then head to the room next to yours to loot a chest containing a Cup of wishes. Make your way back to the hallway.

Head up north and you will be able to collect a Medial Herb. After proceeding along the corridor, a small scene will start playing.

Faerie detects a faint spirit, which might mean that there is an elemental onboard.

Then you will be ambushed by Zombies and new versions of Ghouls. Watch out for the Ghouls’ “Scratch Barrage” line attack, and take out both enemies.

Proceed along the western hallway and head into the first room on the right to loot another chest filled with a Cup of Wishes.

You will find what seems to be another chest in the next room to the north has what looks like a chest, but it is actually a Polter Box that will attack you. Get around its shields by attacking from the back and sides.

Head back to the west hallway for another fight and you will come across an Item Shop.

If your team is a little low on HP then you can purchase Candy, Chocolate, Faerie Walnut and other items from here.

Once you’re done shopping, you should proceed to the south room to collect 44 Lucre before heading up the stairs.

You will encounter a bunch of slimes and zombies here so take care of them and then go further along the path.

From here you can choose to head up a level in the Ghost Ship if you wish but we recommend you explore the current level first.

Head to the room to the east and you will spot a note by the door. It says:

“Shelve the Blood Book, Death Diary, Curse Column, Twilight Tome…”

Place the Blood Book on the bookshelf and then make your way southwards along the hallway to find the “Curse Column.” Pick it and then shelve it as well. You can find the Death Diary in the northern room once you head east.

You will find a Weapon Shop to the south that sells the same stuff you can buy in Palo. The same goes for the nearby Armor Shop.

Head up North and you will have to battle ghostly enemies with magic attacks. After you’ve taken them down, you can collect and shelf “Twilight Tome.” This will cause a door will open.

Head back to the stairs and enter the room with the quest marker on it. Matelo from Palo Port will then show up and a scene will play regarding the diary entries. One of your party members will be cursed so your job is to save them.

Lifting the Curse
It’s time to head up the stairs we mentioned before. Go east and open the first door ahead of you to collect 444 Lucre from a chest.

You can find some medical herb in the room just south of here. Continue west while fighting off foes to get to the stairs.

Save by the statue before proceeding south. You can collect a Medical Herb and Silver Item Seed along your trek and rest up in the northern and southern rooms that have beds in them. We recommend doing so because it’s boss fight time!

Gova Boss Fight
You will be restricted to your two remaining party members for this fight so we hope you’ve stocked up on healing items.

This fight isn’t too difficult but it’s a bit tedious due to Gova being able to teleport around the area. This makes close combat much more difficult to engage in.

Watch out for his dark magic spells that do AoE damage if you get caught in their radius.

These are relatively easy to dodge but what we recommend looking out for is his Whirlwind Attack. This move can damage your party badly so be sure to keep a distance from it when he does it.

Another move he does involves him forming portals though which he will teleport his hands to hit you.

The best strategy is to run towards him and then jump off to his side or back in order to avoid this attack.

He will cast his shadow out and you should follow it to quickly attack it. Keep moving and hitting to eventually win the fight.

New Powers
Once you’ve beaten Gova, you will obtain some new powers from Shade. You can now use dark elemental magic by putting Training Points toward abilities from the Training section.