Trials of Mana Fullmetal Hugger Boss Guide

Are you also curious about how to defeat the Fullmetal Hugger Boss who is a giant monster crab? You will feel as if your Mana Power is getting off of it while you keep attacking it. This Trials of Mana Fullmetal Hugger Boss guide will cover the complete fight with Fullmetal Hugger Boss, including his moves and strengths and how to defeat him.

Trials of Mana Fullmetal Hugger Boss

Fullmetal Hugger Boss has three lethal moves which if you learn to dodge, you will be able to defeat him. You encounter Fullmetal Hugger Boss during your 2nd visit to the Cascade Caverns

Eye Beam
So the first and most used lethal attack of the Fullmetal is the Eye Beam. He will consistently emit Eye Beam from his eyes, covering a triangular area in front of him.

Hence you must stay away of his front face throughout the fight.

You should keep moving around his sides or back and hit him through WhackBam and double slash kind of moves.

Dive Bomb
Another deadly attack of Fullmetal Hugger is the Dive Bomb attack. He will dive up in the air and then land back with a great speed dealing high damage.

Hence you must stay away of the red circle marked on the ground while he is up in the air. He uses this attack once his health depletes by 50%.

Holy Bolt
Keep dealing critical damage to his body and he will soon come up with the ‘Holy Bolt’ strike in which he emits lethal radiations.

This attack covers a circular area in front of him and hence you must stay away of the area.

He will keep using Holy Bolt until he is finished so must manage to deal critical damage in the last phase of the game with a must greater speed.

Soon enough, his health will be totally lost and you will have taken over him.