Trials of Mana Frostbite Fields Walkthrough

Frostbite Fields, as the name indicates, is a snowy area that you will visit shortly after Seaside Cavern. In this guide, we have the complete Trials of Mana Frostbite Fields walkthrough to help you out with the area and the enemies within.

Trials of Mana Frostbite Fields

We’ll have Poto enemies at the beginning of the level. Take them out and then before heading on straight, follow the western wall here to find Lil’ Cactus. The cactus will be on your right side from the main area.

In the next area, you will be introduced to a new enemy, Wizards. Wizards can use ranged spells and can heal Poto enemies, so you need to be fast and kill them all off.

The best strategy is to take them out one by one so that they cannot heal and you are able to disperse the crowd.

Keep an eye out for fireballs coming your way. At the path split ahead, go south first as it is a dead-end. There is a chest here you can open.

Return and go to the western section of Frostbite Fields this time. Again, you will be introduced to a new enemy class called Sahagins.

These enemies throw foam at you that slows your movements, and are deadly at close range due to their heavy Lance attacks.

Kill them off and explore the north for a walnut before you continue to the southwest.

You will now be out on a beach area. Kill the enemies here and go north into a small cave for a chest. This one has a Moogle mask which is a piece of armor.

Towards the west, you can find candy and various urns up on the ledges in this area. Head north.

You will again face some wizards here, so be prepared and try to take them out again as quickly as possible.

Once the wizards are dealt with, go on along the path to the Mana Statue. Save and heal before going further.

Cross the bridge now and kill the enemies here. Before you head on, make sure you get a chest UNDER the bridge to get a large amount of Lucre.

From here, go northwest and then west. Kill the enemies here and behind the area, against the wall here you can find Lil’ Cactus.

Head north now. Get the candy towards your left, up a flight of stairs. Next you will find some wizards. Take out the wizard group.

There is an item seed by the wizards as well so do grab that. Head west after that and you will find some lucre on your right. Fight the enemies on the way and soon you will see two paths ahead you.

Go north first, killing the lizards up there and then northeast. There’s some candy here and another enemy group.

Take them out and keep going northeast. This path eventually leads to a chest here.

Return to the path split and let’s go northwest of Frostbite Fields this time. This path is a dead-end, sadly.

There are two lucre item drops on the way, and keep a lookout on the left side to find a chest in between the two trees. At the end on the left is another item seed.

Head back to the path split now and go southwest this time. There are some fights on the way.

After a short journey, you can get to a Gold Mana Statue to save before you continue. To the east of it, you can fight a group of enemies and get a chest.

Before you continue, it is recommended that you prepare for the upcoming Boss Fight.

It is quite a difficult one, but the boss is weak to wind. You should try to add any Siren Claws you may have to your item ring to imbue your weapon with to deal wind damage.

If you have Sylphid Icons and Storm Coins, do add them to your item ring.

Continue to the west now and we’ll get a scene with The Darkshine Knight. He will send Golems to fight you instead of facing you himself.

Machine Golem Boss Moves

  • Rocket Punch: The golems will launch their fists straight forward. Get out of the way to avoid melee damage. You do may have strong enough armor to not be afraid of this attack at this point, but one can never be too carefull
  • Stone Cloud: Stone Cloud is a moderately big AoE attack and has a chance to petrify you if it hits. Medical Herb can heal you up if yoh do get hit.
  • Grumpkin: This is a watermelon that the Golems throw out. Absorbs Mana, so dodge this attack.
  • Dark Force +: A wide AoE attack. The area shown will soon be enveloped by a mass of black energy, dealing damage to whoever is inside.
  • Blaze Wall: This is a Fire spell that you’ve seen before. This is a small AoE that targets you when you’re close to the Golem. It creates a pillar of flame. You can easily dodge away from this attack.

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