Trials of Mana Empreeb Boss Guide

The showdown with Empreeb is nigh in Trials of Mana, and it’s time to get rid of the bee infestation. Trials of Mana Empreeb Boss, a humanoid bee can take you out pretty easily if you get caught in one of her AoEs for too long.

We have made this guide for Empreeb in Trials of Mana so you can judge her attacks better and approach accordingly.

Trials of Mana Empreeb Boss

Most of Empreeb’s attacks will require a brief charge-up before they can be fired. You will find that she isn’t actually very mobile and sticks to one place in the battle.

The fight is rather simple, move around and deal damage as Empreeb charges up her attacks. She has a high health pool, so it may take you a little while to take her down completely.

Disk Discharge
Empreeb will charge up for a second or two and discharge disks in two different directions damaging anything in its path; you will have little time to make haste and dodge this attack.

Know that throughout the duration of this attack, Empreeb will be completely vulnerable to damage, so make sure to dish out as much as you can if you have the right positioning.

Sting Rain
A red Area of Effect circle will show up on the ground that will fill up slowly; once it’s filled, stings will fall in the area damaging anyone standing there.

Whilst the attack is charging up, feel free to chip away at Empreeb’s health.

Dragon’s Breath
The formidable humanoid bee will unleash a fire breath locked onto you marked by a red lane for a total of three times. Dodge successively to avoid any damage.

There is a variation of this attack where Empreeb will summon the flames from the ground instead of firing them one by one.

Avoid all the small circles in the ground at this point to avoid taking damage.

Watch out as Empreeb will summon a Ladeeb who will have most of her abilities albeit much weaker than the actual boss itself.

Take it out as both of their attacks combined can get quite overwhelming.

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