Trials of Mana Dwarf Village Walkthrough

Dwarf Village is a small yet interesting objective area that you get assigned in Trials of Mana. In this Trials of Mana Dwarf Village Walkthrough, we will help you navigate through this area and acquire all the hidden items.

Trials of Mana Dwarf Village

You’ll find a lot of Lucre and other items throughout your journey and many weapon upgrades will be available throughout Dwarf Village.

You’ll make your way towards the end where you’ll interact with a special Dwarf to end the Objective.

After reaching the Dwarf Village, take Candy from the sparkle and head right into the tunnel and find 50 Lucre and a chest with Honey Elixir in it.

Return to the main entrance and head left towards Candy in a sparkle along with a chest with chocolate in it.

Head back to the entrance again but this time move north and into the tunnel to reach Inn. There you’ll find a chest with Cup of Wishes in it.

Once again return to the entrance and either head up the stairs or head north towards the shops.

If you’ve decided to head to the shops in Dwarf Village then the Weapon shop has very unique upgrades ready for your use.

Weapons such as Gladius 350 Lucre, Sorcerer Rod 340 Lucre, Spiked Glove 350 Lucre, Ball and Chain 330 Lucre, Baselard 340 Lucre and Framea 350 Lucre.

Next up, the Armor Shop where you can purchase the following items

  • Common Mail 270 Lucre
  • Witch Robe 260 Lucre
  • Fur Vest 260 Lucre
  • Cleric Robe 270 Lucre
  • Camo Cloak 260 Lucre
  • Feather Vest 270 Lucre

Make sure not to buy the entire shop as you still need 5,000 Lucre for Watts. Once that’s done, head to the Item Shop and interact with the Shopkeeper with the Golden Star above him.

Once the interaction is over, head to the entrance and speak with the Dwarf with the Golden Star above to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, a path will be created for you to find Watts. As you start your search for Watts, you’ll have explored everything in the Dwarf Village area and can now proceed further with the story.

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