Trials of Mana Dwarf Tunnel Walkthrough

Von Boyage invites you to come into his backyard and then later asks for your help in finding some Nitromyte. In this guide, we have given the entire Trials of Mana Dwarf Tunnel walkthrough where you’ll find few enemies and will face a Boss and at the end to find the Nitromyte for Von Boyage.

Trials of Mana Dwarf Tunnel

Von Boyage shows you his new invention which is his “Ultra Fabulous Turbo Cannon #2”. However, it needs ignition fuel to work so Von Boyage assigns you a task to grab the Nitromyte for him so he can start his invention.

To start off at the Dwarf Tunnel, you must be at level 11 as you’ll face level 10 threats like the Goblin, Batmo, Molebear, Slime, Mushboom and the Hobgoblin.

You’ll come across a Magic Rope near a Pot in the tunnel, break it, and head right to a four-way intersection.

Break through the door on the south and encounter the Goblins, deal with them and take the Candy.

Now, head north and find Medical Herb. Once done, head east and few kill Batmos and take Dream Reed. Head up and face the Molebear.

This adversary curls up and moves around the opponents and tries to hit it with force.

Up ahead you’ll find Watts on the right side a locked gate. He demands 5,000 lucre for the Nitromyte. Agree to buy it and trigger a cutscene (also get a trophy).

From here, you’ll come to know that Gnome is missing and he’s ready to search for him. So, follow him out of the gate and come across a Slime.

Keep attacking it and once it attacks you, roll away and avoid the damage.

The most annoying part about this fight is that Slime splits up into two so keep an eye on that.

Make your way out of the gate and head left to find a chest with the Curious Cookie inside. These types of cookies boost up 10% of your XPs and can really help you before going into the Boss fight.

Continue moving towards the west till you reach a split. Head south and kill Molebears there then drop down to a ledge and head south.

Find a pot, break it and receive Candy and break the wall behind to receive Cup of Wishes inside a chest.

Head up to the bridge and jump over it to grab the chest with the Cup of Wishes in it.

Drop down and take the magic rope from the sparkle and don’t forget to grab the item seed from the pot.

Return to the bridge and at the other end inside the large room you’ll find more Slimes to kill and a Li’l Cactus waiting for your arrival near the fire.

Take the 40 Lucre and head Northwest. Grab the Candy below inside the room and a chest with Chocolate but for that, you’ll have to go through some Mushbooms.

Now, head out the room and go south at the split and take a left towards a wall.

Break it and find more Candy. Return to the split but this time head east to find another Candy.

From here, go past the breakable wall and find three Goblins and a Hobgoblin.

Kill them and grab 140 Lucre from the sparkles. Head up the slope and kill a few more Hobgoblins. Move ahead and find a chest with the Chocolate in it.

Head back to the split and go north where you’ll come across three different paths. Choose the north one first after taking 40 Lucre from the sparkle.

Go through few adversaries and reach Cup of Wishes inside a chest.

Drop down and face few Hobgoblins and Batmos. Take 20 Lucre and travel north towards the next area.

Remember, you collected a curious cookie few minutes ago? Eat it because there’ s a boss fight ahead. Find Watt and interact with him to trigger a cutscene.

Jewel Eater Boss Fight
Jewel Eater is a giant mole that attacks with his huge claws and his anteater tongue. It has five major attacks: Lick, Slam, Rock Throw, Hard Hit and the Ground Slam.

Lick is a basic move where the boss uses its tongue and swings it around. Roll away the moment you see the tongue sticking out and avoid the attack.

Executing Slam, the boss stands up on its feet and slams the ground. This attack repels you from the boss.

Rock Throw is what is sounds like. Boss fills up the area of attack and throws rocks in different directions. The best option here is to get out of its range and avoid getting hit.

The boss executes the Hard hit by charging from side to side of the area and whoever is caught in the attack deals a great amount of damage.

Don’t get comfortable with your attacks and imply roll away.

Ground Slam is a very difficult attack to dodge as the boss turs red and moves to the middle of the arena and starts slamming the ground.

Just keep safe distance from the walls and watch out for the rocks that fall down.

Once you’ve dodged its moves, aim for both of its leg, head and tail. These are the weak spots and the boss will be out in no time.

After you’ve defeated the Boss, a cutscene will trigger and Gnome will join you and you’ll have access to Gnome’s powers.

Now, head back to Watts and trigger a cutscene. He’ll give you the Nitromyte for free and from here he’ll offer you a ride back to the village.

Head back to Von Boyage and give him the Nitromyte and end the Dwarf Tunnel mission.

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