Trials of Mana Dolan Boss Guide

Similar to all the other Benevodon bosses that you have faced before this one, you will know his back story as well. Dolan is a Benevodon of the Moon and the elemental boss with huge strength and power. In this Trials of Mana Dolan Boss guide, we will show you how to defeat it.

You will face Dolan in the Trials of Mana and he will be in the form of a huge demonic Goat. Here we have prepared a detailed guide on all of his attacks and how you can proceed the fight and defeat this creature of destruction.

So let’s get started with the guide on Dolan Boss Fight.

Trials of Mana Dolan Boss

Dolan himself can be described as a demon goat shaped creature who is the incarnation of disaster and has been in existence even before the world itself.

Goddess of Mana defeated him and sealed him in the Mana stone of moon. His sole purpose is to bring havoc to the world.

He got released from his mana stone when enemies got hold of the sword of mana.

Now he is near the original location where he used to be at the Chartmoon tower and restoring his power to again wreak havoc on the world.

You will face him when your heroes reach the Chartmoon Tower rooftop, the Dolan will from outside the tower, he is huge in size and will stay on the side of the tower.

As you know he is the moon Benevodon so many of his attacks are going to decrease the maximum HP of your heroes and can kill them off easily so keep that in mind.

His attacks are:

  • Claw Swipe (one hero)
  • Graviton Press (all heroes)
  • Lunatic (one hero) – Lowers max HP by 1/5
  • Body Change (one hero) – Chibikko effect
  • Half Vanish (one hero) – Lowers current HP by 1/2
  • Moon Saber – 1/8 damage is absorbed as HP; casts on self at 1/4 HP
  • Howl (all heroes)
  • Spiral Moon (all heroes)

Dolan’s weakness is Tree and can absorb any moon element attack. We recommend that you use a saber of any kind but moon (obviously) and then use stat-downs that you have. You can also cast dark force or strengthen up as well.