Trials of Mana Chain Abilities Guide

Setting up fruitful chain abilities can be a good plus point for all your characters as you can use them even for those characters which cannot learn them naturally. This Trials of Mana Chain Abilities guide will elaborate to you all the chain abilities and how the chain abilities are used.

Trials of Mana Chain Abilities

You can acquire different abilities for different characters by allocating training points. These abilities are then also chained to other characters and hence you can then use them for other members of the party too.

As a whole, you will get a diverse range of link abilities among all your characters in Trials of Mana.

Chain Abilities through Training Points

Character Chain Ability Effect
Duran Armor Breaker Increase armor reduction by 50%
Damage Sp + 2% Increased SP when damaged
Angela Absorb Recovers 1 MP when hit by heavy attack
Limit Break Increase magic damage by 5%
Kevin Firestorm Increases damage by 15% when HP is 30% or below
Charlotte Powerful Increased heavy attack damage by 5%
Defender Increased Defense and Attack Power by 10
Hawkeye Poison 30% chance to inflict poison by heavy damage
Dropup Item drop rate increased by 5%
Riesz Indomitability Increased attack power by 15% when inflicted with Status
Critical Up Increased critical hit rate by 10%

Chain Abilities from Special NPS’s

NPC Link Ability Effect How to Acquire
Priest of Light HP Boost Increase HP by 30. Talk to the Priest of Light
Lumina Light Elemental Magic Able to use light elemental abilities. Rescue Lumina.
Jadd MP Boost Increase MP by 10. Talk to Jadd in Jadd Stronghold.
Watts Blacksmitha Increase equipment stats by 5% in battle. Pay Watts 5,000 lucre in Dwarf Tunnels (missable if declined).
Gnome Earth Elemental Magic Able to use earth elemental abilities. Rescue Gnome.
Hero King Hero King’s Chain Ability Adds 5% of CS gauge after winning a battle. Talk to the Hero King in Valsena.
Stella Stella’s Chain Ability Increase effectiveness of healing items by 10%. Talk to the lady in Duran’s house in Valsena (north of the inn). Duran must not be in the party.
Bruiser Bruiser’s Chain Ability Increase attack when using a class strike. Talk to Bruiser in Valsena.
Fortune-Teller Fortune-Teller’s Chain Ability Reduce the duration of status effects by 50%. Talk to the Fortune-Teller in Valsena after saving the king.
Von Boyage Von Boyage’s Chain Ability Increase power attack damage by 5% Talk to Von Boyage on the way to Merchant Town Beiser.
Aurora Sisters Aurora Sisters’ Chain Ability Increase magic attack by 5%. Watch the dancers in the Night Market of Merchant Town Beiser
Li’l Cactus Li’l Cactus’ Chain Ability Allies get 200% boost to CS at the start of the battle Find all Li’l Cactus locations.