Trials of Mana Cascade Caverns Walkthrough

This Trials of Mana Cascade Caverns walkthrough will cover your first visit to the caverns in the remake. Also known as the Cave Of Waterfalls; Cascade Caverns are located to the east of the Rabite Forest. We will go over each objective and what you can find in Cascade Caverns in the remake.

Trials of Mana Cascade Caverns

Immediately after entering the caverns, you can collect a sparkle for 40 Lucre. Go a little forward and look to the right.

You will encounter a Batmo and a couple of Rabites that you should take down before breaking the jars there to collect candy.

There should be an item seed that you can pick up straight ahead. If you run to the right over the rocks then you will find a chest containing two candies in it.

Proceed south and you will come across a sparkle containing 30 lucre. This is by a statue where you can save and heal up.

You will then find a sign that tells you that the holy city Wendel is to the south. Follow it and you will have to beat some Mushbooms before you can collect the Medical Herb from the sparkle close by.

Proceed further South and you will come across 8 Lucres on a sparkle. If you go up past the rocks next to it then you will come to a small area.

There are a bunch Rabites here that you must take out before you can collect the chocolates from the chest.

Head back and keep moving south as you take out more enemies. You will be able to collect another Item Seed nearby.

Eventually, you will reach an area where you have to fight four Batmos. Kill them and then recover any list HP with the HP pot nearby.

There is a sparkle straight ahead with 16 Lucre. Collect them and then proceed further in towards Wendel.

Meeting Charlotte
A cutscene will play in which a little girl named Charlotte is hanging off one of the ledges. You will rescue her and then she will inform you that she’s a famous beauty from Wendel.

She will become a member of your party if you already picked her as one of your 3 characters at the start of the game.

If you didn’t pick Charlotte as a character then we will get some backstory in a mini mission where you play as her trying to find and reach Heath.

Exiting the Cavern
Proceed left to the area with the Goblin. Watch out for the Axe which he will throw at you to hurt your HP.

You can take it down by locking-on and then aggressively attacking it. Once he has been taken down, you can proceed onwards.

Head upwards and you will find a sparkle containing 20 Lucre, along with a couple of Batmos that you will have to take down.

You will come across yet another goblin that you have to fight so kill it and then loot the nearby chest for a cup of wishes. You can also find an HP pot in the area.

Head lower southward bound and you will engage in yet another battle.  for one more fight before collecting the item seed and 18 Lucre nearby. Finally, proceed towards the southern exit of the Cascade Caverns and you will be able to reach the city.

Upon reaching Wendel, you pick between buying armor, weapons, and items, or visiting the Priest of Light.