Trials of Mana Cascade Caverns (2nd Visit) Walkthrough

To find the Elemental of Light, you will have to visit the Cascade Caverns once again in the game, after your initial journey through the area when you met Charlotte. Our Trials of Mana Cascade Caverns (2nd Visit) walkthrough will cover your second journey to the area.

Trials of Mana Cascade Caverns (2nd Visit)

Immediately after entering you will immediately be thrown into battle against Mushbooms and Goblins. Take them out and then proceed eastwards towards where you first met Charlotte.

When you get to that location, a cutscene will start. Faerie will tell you to stop and warn you about mana power coming from the waterfall straight ahead. She bets that Lumina is in there.

Proceed east while plowing through any enemies you encounter along the way. You will find it no more challenging than you did when you went through this area the first time.

Once you reach the sign that points to the holy city, head to the right path that leads to a waterfall. You will enter another cutscene with Faerie. She then teleports you across the gap.

Proceed left and you will enter an area where you battle an armored goblin. You need to break through his shielding with a Charged Attack before you are able to kill him.

Collect the Candy nearby before proceeding forward.

Eventually, you will reach a path in the Cascade Caverns that splits into two directions.

First, head left to collect some Candy. Once you’ve got it, proceed to the other path and you will have to a Goblin and two Batmos.

Take them down and then pick up the 14 Lucre from a sparkle, before proceeding to the heading to the left and killing off more enemies near a chest. Eliminate them to loot the chest for Chocolate.

Continue northwards until you reach a split. Head down the left path and defeat the two Zombies.

If you get poison inflicted on a member of your party then heal them with Medical Herbs.

Pick up the Item Seed and Cup of Wishes from there and then proceed onwards until you reach a slope.

Head up the slope and take down the Goblins you encounter up there before collecting the 20 Lucre sparkle.

You can collect Candy x2 if you head to the small area on the right. There is a chest at the end of the path containing new gear for your character.

Go back to where you arrived to this area from and then proceed towards the north. You will reach the golden statue and save the game.

There is a Medical Herb nearby that you can collect.  We recommend saving and healing because it is time for a boss fight before you can get to the Elemental of Light.

Fullmetal Hugger Boss Fight
This fight isn’t overly difficult and you can win quicker by targeting the Fullmetal Hugger’s face and body. Use any ready abilities on the Hugger’s face to deal major damage.

The Fullmetal Hugger boss will try swinging at you with its Claw Slash so be ready to evade it when locked on. However, it doesn’t do much damage and is pretty to dodge.

There are other more pressing moves that you must watch out for.

The Dive Bomb attack does AoE damage but is pretty noticeably telegraphed. Just get out of the radius of the attack when he is in the air.

Fullmetal Hugger will also shoot his Eyebeam at you but this attack gives you a window of opportunity to attack him from the side after dodging.

If your characters take a fair bit of damage, use the candy you’ve collected to keep them in the fight.

Once you’ve brought down the enemy’s health by a considerable amount, he will hit you with an AoE attack known as “Holy Bolt” Try landing in as many powerful hits as you can while he is charging it.

Leaving Cascade Cavern
Once you’ve won the battle, Lumina will appear and the game will inform you that you’ve obtained new powers. You can now use light elemental magic by allocating TPs towards certain abilities

Follow the marker and you will be teleported once more. You will now come face to face with the sight of Beastmen attacking Wendel.