Trials of Mana Bill and Ben Boss Guide

Bill and Ben are ninjas from Nevarl who you’ll come across in Trials of Mana. In this Trials of Mana Bill and Ben Boss boss fight, they have received dark powers from Belladonna which allows them to use the evil fusion to fuse into a Master Ninja.

Defeating the Master Ninja will be a tough job but with the help from your allies and this Bill & Ben Boss guide, you’ll defeat them with ease.

In this Bill & Ben Boss guide, we have given tips on how you can defeat the pair so make sure to read the guide till the end to find out how these two Ninja are defeated even after acquiring the Dark Powers from Belladonna.

Trials of Mana Bill and Ben Boss

The boss battle against Bill and Ben starts after a short cutscene where Belladonna sends out her servants to kill you and your team.

Bill and Ben are introduced in this battle, this time they’re more powerful as they’ve received dark powers from Belladonna which makes them superior to their original forms.

Once the battle starts, an epic fusion takes place between Bill and Ben as they fuse into a Master Ninja.

The Master Ninja has a lot of powerful attacks in his arsenal including few ninja techniques that are really lethal and can easily lower your stats.

There is going to be a time where these two Ninjas separate but till then you’ll have to face them together and deal damage till they break apart.

For that, you’ll have to use few attacks such as the Phenomenal fist, Abyssal Slice, Spike Freeze, Lucent Beam and few lethal strikes to lower their stats.

Once you’ve lowered their stats, they’ll eventually split up and you can now take on two less powerful Ninjas.

Therefore, be alert and keep your HP to the top and Saber yourselves and increase the damage from your attacks.

But be sure not to use any type of Magic or Magic-casting items as after they’ve split up, they’ll counter with Shadow Dive/ Jutsu.

At this point use a Stardust Herb to return your stats to normal but this way you’ll cancel your Saber. So, keep hitting them till they drop down to 50%.

As soon as they’ve dropped below 50%, use Double Slash for critical hit and they’ll be out in no time.

Plus, you came with a heavy hard-hitting backup with you who won’t leave your side until the fight is over. Backup is important in this fight as it can really result in a game-changer and you’ll defeat Bill and Ben easily.

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