Trials of Mana Beuca Island Walkthrough

So if you are up to the Beuca Island section, that means you have been through quite a lot in the game already. Trials of Mana Beuca Island level starts after you get through the Ghost Ship level and land here on the island.

Here we have prepared a complete and detailed walkthrough of the Beuca Island level, what enemies will you face, what loot will you get and where does it end. So let’s get into it with no further ado!

Trials of Mana Beuca Island

You will get to the Beuca Island level after getting through the Ghost Ship and the recommended XP level for Beuca Island is 25.

You will face quite a lot of different enemies here and here we have a complete list of all the enemies you will face:

  • Eggatrice (level 23)
  • Pricklebeak (level 23)
  • Mushboom (level 23)
  • Silktail (level 23)
  • Beelancer (level 23)
  • Hobgoblin (level 23)
  • Tomatoman (level 23)

At Beuca Island your main objective is to find a way to get out of the island. Just like that. Roam around and find you way out.

When you start at Beuca Island you will find the 100 Lucre to your immediate right, after that get to the next beach where you will find Silktails and Hobgoblins.

Here we recommend that you first takedown Silktails and then go for Hobgoblins as Hobgoblins don’t do much of damage and their only attack which is stat-down spell doesn’t do much.

After taking care of all these enemies you can also use the mana statue that is nearby the fighting place and heal yourself up.

From there, turn north and go ahead, you will face a new enemy here called the Tomatoman.

His only attack is where he bonk you from above on the head and you can easily dodge it and kill it.

Get rid of them and also there is a chocolate in the area so look for that and then get back.

Now what you need to do is make your way to the beach on the east side, to go there you will have to face a few enemies and at the end, you will find a chest with a cup of wishes.

Now go towards the north and after a while, you will get to this jungle area with two more enemy fights.

From the start of the jungle area, go to your left and keep going with the edge and you will get a green urn and from there go up the rock to get a chocolate chest.

Now get back and this time go towards east and you will face some more enemies here, as you get to the huge jungle area.

Now keep an eye for another cup of wishes chest and another urn that you will find behind the tree.

Now go towards the north and you can take any of the two available paths that are going towards north.

Keep searching towards the north edge of the area and you will find 120 Lucre so after that go towards the east and cross the bridge ahead,

You will see a sign in front of you that will say Tomato Town is nearby and the town is to your right, but before that just go to the left.

On the left path that you take, you will face a new enemy named Eggtrace, these enemies have the attack that can make you stone so keep dodging and get rid of them.

Go up and west from there and you will have a few fights and urns on your way. You can go north for a while and when you start going towards the west you will find Medical Herb on your way.

You can go back now but also can keep going west as well, if you keep going towards the west you will get into some more fights and then the way to the south will show up.

Go to that way and you will find another chest with Honey Elixir.

If you want some more XP, you can go to the other path to the south which has a big fight to face for you.

Now get back to the sign where we were before and keep fighting and now go towards the Tomato Town now that you are done with Beuca Island.