Trials of Mana Best Starting Characters Guide

Choosing your ideal character is very important in Trials of Mana in this Trials of Mana Best Starting Characters guide, we will give you tips on how to make the best decision.

The starting characters you pick bring with them not only a unique style of play abilities but also the story choices as well. For this reason, we have prepared our Trails of Mana starter guide to help new players make the best choices for their first playthrough.

Trials of Mana Best Starting Characters

At the start of each playthrough, you get to choose 3 heroes from a total of 6. This selection is permanent and each choice changes how the main story plays out.

You get to choose one main character and 2 companions so, make sure to choose wisely and make your choices are based on the type of party you want.

Some characters work well with others, offering unique dialogue choices and cutscenes during your Trials of Mana playthrough.

For your mains, it is always better to pick a character with high damage dealing or having a high damage skill set, with simple abilities, especially for newer players.

Don’t worry about getting bored with the character as you have the option of controlling any member of your 3 character party you want.

For your main try picking Riesz as she gives you the advantage of her ranged attacks, hence making early fight pretty easy.

Kevin is also a good damage dealer, with increased damage at night and in one-on-one boss fights.

Then there is Hawkeye, he may not be as much damage centric as the previous two but he has an increased item drop rate and good debuff skills.

Best Combinations

As we mentioned before how getting the right combinations of starting characters might give you access to unique content and dialogues.

Here is a list of the best pairings in Trials of Mana:

Best Companion Character Choices
Now that we have our main characters sorted, let’s see what each character focuses on so that players can decide for themselves which character they could use in their parties.

  1. Duran is a Physical attacker and also acts as the tank, meaning can absorb more damage than the others.
  2. Angela focuses on Magic Abilities and attacks.
  3. Kevin is a strong single-target physical attacker, meaning very useful in boss fights.
  4. Charlotte is a Healer, keeps your team healed and up on their feet.
  5. Hawkeye is a Debuffer, meaning he can take away special buffs on enemies and also cancel any negative effects or buffs on your team. Also, he has increased chance of loot.
  6. Riesz is a Buffer, meaning can activate positive buffs or effects on your team, also her ranged attacks make for great attacks.

We hope that this has made your choice about starting characters a little bit easier.

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