Trials of Mana Best Settings and PC Tweaks

If you found Trials of Mana to be annoyingly stuttering too much; or textures messing up every now and then, we have prepared these Trials of Mana Best Settings and PC Tweaks to help out. Thanks to Anna_Maniac and Canzah in the Steam Community, you can now do some advanced changes in your game’s visual settings to improve overall performance.

Trials of Mana Best Settings and PC Tweaks

First thing’s first, before we get started, you are going to need to install the Trials of Mana Visuals and Tweak Settings Packer courtesy of Canzah

Once you’re done downloading, Run the “Create Config Pak”

Copy the Trials-of-Mana-WindowsNoEditor_999_P.pak.

Place in the game’s directory, steamapps\common\Trials of Mana\Trials of Mana\Content\Paks.

Tweaking Settings
Both of the ini files, i.e. DefaultEngine.ini and DefaultInput.ini can be altered to values that suit your system.

ScreenPercentage – This will control supersampling. The default value will be set to 100, while 200 is with supersampling applied.

MaxAnisotropy – Enables or disables 16x Anisotropic Filtering.

DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing, TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight, TemporalAASamples, PostProcessAAQuality, are all settings that help with sharpening the image quality.

Tonemapper.Quality and Tonemapper.GrainQuantization is for enabling or disabling Film Grain effects in the game.

MotionBlurQuality and DefaultFeature.MotionBlur disable or enable Motion Blur.

DepthOfFieldQuality will disable Depth of Field during cutscenes.

EyeAdaptation Quality, BloomQuality and DefaultFeature.Bloom alters the Bloom in the game.

LightShafts, LightShaftQuality and DefaultFeature.LightShafts affect the quality of Godrays.

LensFlareQuality and DefaultFeature.LensFlare as the name implies will improve the quality of lensFlares. Set to 0 if you want to disable them.

SceneColarFormat, SceneColarFringe.Max and SceneColorFringeQuality disable Chromatic Aberration.

AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale and AmbientOcclusionLevels improve the quality of AmbientOcclusion in the game.

SSS.HalfRes, SSR.Quality, SSR.Temporal, SSS.Filter, SSS.SampleSet and SSR.MaxRoughness improve the quality of the Screen Space Reflections.

MaterialQualityLevel will improve the quality of mesh in the game and a few other textures.

StaticMeshLODDistanceScale and SkeletalMeshLODBias improve the quality of character models from a larger distance.

MipMapLodBias, Steaming.MipBias, Streaming.HiddenPrimitiveScale and Streaming.UseAllMips improve the overall texture quality.

Streaming.FullyLoadUseTextures and Streaming.HLODStrategy will enable the game to load all the textures prior to the game starting; resulting in less stutters.

Streaming.PoolSize set this to half of the total VRAM your GPU has, so if it’s 8GB, you’re going to want to set it to 4096.

ShadowQuality, Shadow.RadiusThreshold, Shadow.RadiusThresholdRSM, Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades, Shadow.TexelsPerPixel, and Shadow.MaxResolution enhances the shadows in the game.

Foliage.LODDistanceScale, Grass.DensityScale and foliage.LODDistanceScale improves the draw distance and helps in loading textures at a greater distance preventing pop-ins.

ViewDistanceScale improves the general draw distance and also helps with reducing pop-in textures.

bAltEnterToggleFullScreen will unlock the Alt+Enter shortcut to enter and exit full-screen mode.

bEnableMouseSmoothing and bViewAccelerationEnabled can help you toggle mouse acceleration or smoothing on or off.

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