Trials of Mana Best Kevin Classes Guide

Trials of Mana has a number of complex characters in its roster, all of whom can change their classes to be more advanced. Kevin in specific is one of the best damage dealers you can have by your side. In this Trials of Mana Best Kevin Classes guide, we will suggest some classes for you to try out when playing as Kevin.

Trials of Mana Best Kevin Classes

To make sure Kevin lives up to his potential, you will want to select the role for him in accordance with your playstyle.

We have made a list of all the classes available for Kevin and the benefits they provide, so you can choose the class based on your preference of either a Hybrid Healer, or a pure Physical Damage Dealer.

Kevin’s your damage dealer, and being the most effective in-game with his role, you are going to want to bring out the best of his abilities by using the appropriate class in order to amplify damage and avoid creating a void of damage in your team.

On top of his base damage, at night, Kevin will be able to transform into a werewolf, stacking on top of his already insane damage.

Below is a list of all the classes Kevin can use and the stats of each class


Grappler – Base Class
By now, you have probably figured out that Kevin excels at physical damage. You won’t find him using spells too much, even by the end-game, you will only find yourself with a handful of spells to choose from.

The base class, Grappler allows Kevin to take the front with high physical damage, along with the ability to turn into a werewolf during the night.

  • STR – 10
  • DEX – 9
  • CON – 12
  • INT – 8
  • PIE – 8
  • LUC – 8

Bashkar – Dark Class
With a slight upgrade from the Grappler class, you will find your damage at a slightly more of an advantage in terms of damage.

Your stats will be considerably more improved compared to the Grappler class. The playstyle, however, remains much the same.

  • STR – 16
  • DEX – 15
  • CON – 18
  • INT – 14
  • PIE – 13
  • LUC – 13

Monk – Light Class
Monk is when Kevin finally steps into the light for the first time. With your first spell ever unlocked, allowing you to be able to heal a single target.

This support ability starts to mix the playstyle up for Kevin, allowing you to tend to your team-mates whilst staying on the offensive as well.

  • STR – 15
  • DEX – 14
  • CON – 18
  • INT – 13
  • PIE – 14
  • LUC – 14

Spells: Heal Light, Pressure Point.

Dervish – Dark-Dark Class
A more refined version of Kevin’s darkness, unlocking a very useful skill namely lifesteal.

Know that choosing this side makes it so that Kevin becomes purely damage, and will not be able to heal very effectively.

  • STR – 18
  • DEX – 17
  • CON – 22
  • INT – 17
  • PIE – 16
  • LUC – 16

Spells: Moon Saber.

Death Hand – Dark-Light Class
Being the physically strongest class of Kevin, this is one of the ones we’d recommend, pick it no questions asked.

You will gain a lot of power with the ability to take care of fights single-handedly with not a lot of effort.

  • STR – 19
  • DEX – 18
  • CON – 22
  • INT – 16
  • PIE – 15
  • LUC – 15

Spells: Energy Ball.

Warrior Monk – Light-Dark Class
A bit more focused on healing, the Warrior Monk class of Kevin sacrifices a good portion of its physical damage, but not too much of it and can still tear through the enemy better than any of the other members on your team.

With the healing light spell, you have yourself a hybrid healer who can also handle himself well in battle.

  • STR – 17
  • DEX – 16
  • CON – 22
  • INT – 16
  • PIE – 16
  • LUC – 17

Spells: Heal Light, Leaf Saber.

God Hand – Light-Light Class
God Hand is a pure light class that has high attack power. Not the best class out of all the ones we have mentioned above.

The problem resides within the fact that previous classes can achieve better efficiency in either areas (Damage and Healing), while God Hand has trouble deciding whether it is a good damage dealer, or a good healer.

  • STR – 18
  • DEX – 17
  • CON – 22
  • INT – 15
  • PIE – 17
  • LUC – 16

Spells: Aura Wave.

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