Trials of Mana Belladonna Boss Guide

Belladonna is a boss you’ll be facing in Trials of Mana. Being able to transform into a cat demon, she is the right-hand woman of the Dark Prince along with being an archenemy of Hawkeye. The pure embodiment of evil can be quite the challenge to fend off.

We have made this Belladonna boss fight guide regarding all her abilities you will be facing during battle.

She is relentless, and you are going to want to exploit every weakness and execute just the right movement in order to overcome the difficulty curve.

Trials of Mana Belladonna Boss

The first thing to note is that Belladonna is weak to Water/Ice. Most of the attacks she will be using throughout the fight will be AoE and require a brief amount of charge-up prior to attacking.

Look out for all the cues and dodge accordingly, we have stated all the possible moves Belladonna will be using against you below.

Belladonna will often put up a barrier that will make her take reduced damage from any and all incoming attacks from your end.

With enough damage, the barrier will go down eventually allowing you to do full damage.

Zig-Zag Smash
The ground will be marked with red lanes, where after a brief period of charging, Belladonna will charge forward through the wind as she damages everything in her path. Dodge out of the highlighted area to avoid any damage.

Ranged Claw Slash
Belladonna will lift herself up and charge up her claws which will lock onto you and release red energy.

Dodge at the right moment to avoid damage (Just before it is about to hit you).

Aerial Dash x3
The cat demon will jump up into the sky performing flips and dash towards you dealing damage upon impact. She will do this attack thrice in succession.

Homing Claws
The entire arena will be marked red as Belladonna will unleash her fury on you. The attacks are homing and can only be dodged if you time it just before it is about to hit you.

Energy Burst
A red circle will appear around Belladonna which will fill up overtime, and then consequently release energy.

Don’t stand in the circle to avoid damage. You will have plenty of time to get out of the effect radius.

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