Trials of Mana Beast Ludgar Boss Guide

In Trial of Mana, Beast Ludgar employs a couple of very effective and impressive moves to take you off the ground. Defeating Trials of Mana Beast Ludgar Boss is a tough job and that’s why we have put together this guide to let you know how you can effectively take against Ludgar in battle.

Trials of Mana Beast Ludgar Boss

Beast Ludgar is a level 33 creature and quite a worthy adversary. It makes use of a huge variety of attacks.

It uses a charge attack to capture the character that comes in its path. If it does successfully capture its prey, it does quite attacks with its fangs to cause a lot of damage in a short time.

It summons a wall of flames out of the ground that covers quite a distance. Any character on the area marked before the attack will get massive damage.

It can also summon a ball of ice and then charge with it crashing it on top of its target. For close-range attack, a ball of aura comes out of Ludgar’s body damaging the characters that are attacking it.

For another attack, it launches itself into the air and then comes crashing down on the target causing splash damage on the ground.

This attack is especially difficult to dodge before it shoots towards the ground, it makes sure that it has a good target.

A red target circle appears on the ground, if the characters try to steer clear, the circle follows them around. The only way to dodge is to jump and roll in quick succession especially when it is about to execute the attack.

Ludgar’s melee attacks are also very deadly and are not limited to a single attack. The attacks cover quite a lot of area and a couple of attacks come at once.

Look out for all these attacks and know when to dodge and what maneuvers to use to evade which attack.

You can stagger it if you can inflict a lot of damage at once or if you manage to hold it down after an attack.

The few moments that Ludgar boss is staggered will allow you to do a lot of much-needed damage to deplete its huge energy bar.

Towards the last third of its health bar, flames start to come out of its body and goes into a rage mode.

Its attacks grow more powerful and more frequent. This will be the toughest part of the battle but you’re close to victory. Fight a little harder and you’ll kill Ludgar in no time

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