Trials of Mana Archdemon Boss Guide

The Archdemon is one of the three final end-game bosses that you will be facing in the Trial of Mana playthrough. We have written down this Trials of Mana Archdemon Boss guide detailing the moves that Archdemon will be using against you.

The Archdemon boss fight, for the most part, should be relatively easy. The moves are actually pretty easy to dodge out of.

There’s an ample amount of time to take care of the ultimate attacks that cover the entire arena, and dodging the smaller attacks is really not that much of a problem.

Trials of Mana Archdemon Boss

The Archdemon is an immobile boss that will stand there for the most part as you dish out your damage. Most of his attacks are AoE as he attempts to overwhelm you with his fury of attacks.

Be prepared to dodge and cancel his attacks, all of them have a charging time that can be easily observed and countered accordingly.

Flame Tornado and Explosion
As the fight starts, Archdemon will start off by summoning flaming explosions and tornadoes around you; indicated by red circles indicating the Area of Effect.

Second Phase
After bringing the Archdemon down to half of its health, it will enter its second phase and become much fiercer from this point on, becoming more tenacious with its attacks.

Meteor Strike
The demon will bring forth rocks through a portal. A total of three will emerge from the portal as they damage anything in their path.

Dodge all three with correct timing prior to impact to avoid taking any damage.

Purple Laser
The attack starts off with the laser emerging in a straight line from the Archdemon’s face, and proceeds to summon in a straight line from the sky two more times, leaving behind traces of explosion wherever it lands.

The Purple Pyramid
Two orbs will be scattered at the opposite ends with respect to each other. Destroy both of the orbs, or face a devastating attack that will deal a lot of damage to your party. Can’t dodge if detonated.

Fire Explosion
An attack similar to the pyramid attack, extinguish all the flaming wisps (Three of them) found at the corners of the platform in order to prevent the explosion from being unleashed.

Charged Explosion
The demon will charge up with two yellow orbs by his side as he prepares to unleash a devastating attack.

Stun him by consecutive attacks before he can complete the attack, to cancel it out.

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