Trials of Mana Anise Boss Guide

The witch Anise has returned after the death of Goddess of Mana in Trials of Mana. She has to be taken down before she can cause any harm, something we will teach you in this Trials of Mana Anise Boss guide.

With a small arena, and AoE spells all around, it can become especially challenging to take down Anise. We have made a list of all the spells and abilities Anise will be employing during the battle in this guide for Trials of Mana.

Trials of Mana Anise Boss Fight

Anise is a very mobile boss and especially dangerous in her second phase. You might want to stock up on your heals before you head into the fight.

Most of her attacks can’t be easily dodged, and the rate at which she fires them all is definitely faster than any other boss in the game.

You might find yourself unable to dodge at certain moments, and the windows of opportunities to attack Anise aren’t as many in the second phase.

Destroy the Crystals
As soon as the fight starts, destroy all the elemental crystals spread around the arena. You may ask, why?

These four crystals are conjured by Anis in order to protect her, so before you deal any significant damage to her, you are going to want to take care of these crystals beforehand.

You will have to deal with them every time Anise conjures them up.

Dark Spells and Teleportation
Anise will mostly rely on magical spells through the entire fight, which includes huge black orbs, and spikes being summoned from the ground.

She will teleport around, as she tries to land her attacks on you. Chase her down the arena and keep on dealing damage as she charges her spells out.

A high damage dealer like Kevin can make short work of Anise in her first phase.

Dragon Anise
Taking down Anise’s health pool, she will transform into her dragon form. Dragon Anise is faster, and much more dangerous with her physical attacks.

She will cover a large portion of the arena and deal a ton of AoE damage.

Teddy Bear AoE
Dragon Anise will charge up an AoE that will turn all party members into teddy bears that can not attack.

Stay out of the zone to avoid being useless with zero mobility; if caught, you will be more susceptible to the incoming attacks.

Laser Beam
Anise in her dragon form will go off the stage and fire a beam in a sweeping manner. Simply dodge it. It will return to the stage soon after performing the attack.

Beam Pillars
Anise will summon pillars of blue energy to rain down on you, an easy to dodge attack; just move a little to the back to prevent yourself from getting stomped.

Charge Attack
Often times, Anise will simply charge at you in her dragon form.

This attack is marked by a red pathway, as she is about to pull her head back to push forward, simply dodge to either left or right to avoid getting hit.

Arctic Beam
Anise will focus her beam onto one party member as she turns them into an immobile snowman. The indication is a small red circle that will appear underneath a party member.

Fire Blasts
Three successive blasts will go off around the arena marked by red circles. Find an optimal spot to avoid taking damage from the blast radius.

Dark Crystals
At some point, Dragon Anise will summon Dark Crystals around her; destroy them before she can unleash her ultimate attack.

As a result, this will stagger Anise, get ready to unleash all hell upon her.

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