Treyarch Will Fix The Black Ops Cold War Zombies XP Issue

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is in the midst of backlash right now, as its double XP weekend turned into a nightmare for Zombies players. The original announcement is that players are gaining more XP while playing Zombies during the double XP event than they should. Treyarch introduced a patch to fix the issue (not that much of an issue for us) which results in the mode giving now way less XP than before. The third time is a charm as it seems since the developers are now working on a brand new fix.

According to Charlieintel, the source unearthing the news, Treyarch is promising to fix the issue as they have identified it. This means that the next double XP round will most probably work exactly as it should. One member of Treyarch’s development teams says about the issue:

“I spoke with the team, and we have identified an issue that was causing lower than intended Weapon XP in both solo Zombies matches and later Zombies rounds. We are looking to release a fix for both of these as soon as possible.”

Thankfully, this particular issue with XP in Black Ops Cold War happens only with Zombies. This means that if you’re grinding through the event on any other mode, you are getting exactly as much XP as you should. For Zombies lovers, hang in there, pals. The patch is coming soon. It won’t be long before the team drops a new announcement on Twitter.

For what it’s worth, this is not the only bug happening in Black Ops Cold War. The game has its ups and downs and Treyarch tries to fix and bring everything back to normal as soon as possible. The latest Call of Duty title is developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. Also, it is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

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