Another Source Confirms Treyarch Scrapped Black Ops 4 Story Mode For Blackout

Prior to the release of Black Ops 4, I ran a story based on information from my sources. I was informed how Treyarch and Activision canceled the story mode for Black Ops 4 in favor of Blackout mode. Soon after the story, Treyarch came on record to confirm they never planned a campaign for Black Ops 4. But in light of recent information, we can say it could have been a lie.

According to a former QA analyst that tested Black Ops 4, Treyarch had a 2v2 campaign mode in place for the game. The developer worked on the campaign until mid-2017, since their last game released in 2015, the story mode was in development alongside multiplayer for 2 years at that point.

In mid-2017, Treyarch removed the story mode from Black Ops 4 right around the same time of PUBG’s popularity. The decision was made to accommodate more multiplayer maps. And of course, the creation of Blackout required their attention.

Black Ops 4 campaign was supposed to be a 2v2 race to complete each mission. Treyarch has no plans to add this mode to the game for now.

However, there are other features, modes, and maps planned for the future. The next title update, for example, will bring Speed Cola. It will automatically be equipped as an extra vapor when you equip all four main Vapors.

The first zombies DLC is going to be a prequel to the Chaos storyline. Players will take control of four new characters in Black Ops 4 zombies mode DLC. Zombies in Nuketown is happening but there are no final release plans for it.

Each DLC pack released for Black Ops 4 is going to feature one zombie’s map. Treyarch plans to add more maps that follow the Aether storyline. Treyarch has plans to add a 4v4 zombies mode but there is a change the mode will be canceled.

The QA analyst accused Treyarch of not caring about the issues players face in the game. He mentioned that Treyarch does not fix an issue until it appears of a popular streamer’s live stream.

Twitch streamers are now used to market new video games. Since they live stream Black Ops 4 any issues they face can damage PR. A complaining streamer can damage a game’s reputation. It is one of the reasons why Destiny2 did so poorly. Popular streamers and YouTuber stopped producing content for Destiny 2 to protest its lack of content.

While Forsaken did bring most back, Activision till couldn’t make enough profits from Destiny 2. In its recent financials, the company promised investor’s to make up for underwhelming Destiny 2 performance by introducing more microtransactions.

Speaking of microtransactions, Black Ops 4 now features them thanks to a recent update. Players can now buy in-game items with real life money. It seems microtransactions and minimum viable products are driving the game.

We don’t see things changing anytime soon but at least story modes aren’t done for good in Call of Duty games. Activision confirmed a story mode for Infinity Ward’s 2019 Call of Duty game.

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