Treyarch’s Idea Of Following Fun In Black Ops 4 Doesn’t Seem To Please Fans

Where the anticipation for the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops 4 cannot be argued, there still is a lot of ambiguity over its Battle Royale mode and the fact that single player will not be a thing this year, it does not seem to please most of the fans.

Failing to feature a single-player campaign in Black Ops 4 seems to be taking a toll at the game itself. As it appears so that this fact has divided the CoD fans a little too much. Now with Treyarch co-studio head, Dan Bunting further spitting fuel on the fire does not seem to help much.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Bunting laid open a lot of information, most of which was already on the floor, however, what really seems to have ignited the fire a little too much, is when he said that the development of the game was pretty much chaotic.

Chaotic in a sense that there was a tsunami of prototype ideas and a lot of hard work. Now in all of that process single player was something that just could not make it.

He said that players will find some of the work amazing and loveable but there are things they may not like. He agrees that Black Ops is not a “win-win” for all types of COD fans.

prototype ideas; some of them work out great, some of them don’t work out great and you pivot. You find a new idea [and] focus on that. We follow the fun.

So what we can gather from all this is that the current definition of “fun” for Treyarch does not include campaign mode. Other studio head David Vonderhaar said that for them, Black Ops 4 was always assumed and considered to be a social experiment.


They did have a rough map for a campaign mode but Black Ops 4 struck the devs as much more of a multiplayer game.

Treyarch initially mapped out a rough campaign but, according to Vonderhaar, “[it] wasn’t a campaign as people usually refer to it anyways [… it] was a multiplayer game.

This is not the first time fans are questioning their decision, in fact, back in April when the possibility of CoD not getting a single player campaign came as a rumor, its first-hand competitor Battlefield V team seemed happy about it and took the opportunity to jab at the company.

Then on multiple occasions, Treyarch did try to explain the situation but it seems to never satisfy the fans. With all that said and done since the game is just a few weeks away, we can’t actually do anything about it. What is already done is done. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to pivot too much in order to enjoy Black Ops 4.