Treyarch Hints at Big Improvements to Armor in Black Ops 4

Treyarch seems to be all ready for the release of Black Ops 4. Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar has been busy on Twitter dropping some info about the upcoming changes at the launch including armor changes.

Armor was without a doubt the biggest and kind of only big problem with Black Ops 4. So Treyarch did promise to make some big changes to it. Studio design director David Vonderhaar has revealed through Twitter that a lot of big changes are being made to it. He didn’t say what actually is changing but he’s very confident about all the changes that we will see at launch.

I’ve been to the future. I’ll tell you what happens. You are all very pleased with the nerfs we did to the armour

Now that’s a pretty solid statement and we hope that these problems with armor will be gone at launch. In case you don’t know about the issues with armor. There have been many concerns about it since multiplayer and Blackout Beta of the game. Armour was very overpowered and people had a very hard time to kill someone who’s wearing it. It was the same with Blackout and everyone seemed tired of it.

Now with armor out of way, Black Ops 4 is one of the best games in the series. Everyone loved playing Blackout and appreciated everything Treyarch has done. Treyarch has already made many changes to the game to please the fans.

Treyarch has now also included a new option for pickup system depending on your choice. You can choose to focus on picking-up weapons or to reload. Blackout featured a different pickup system as compared to Fortnite as it required you to hold square button to pick up an item.

Treyarch is also considering some fan-made map changes. People seem to find it hard to capture some places in a mode like Control. Which is also expected to change at launch or afterward.

Black Ops 4 will release on October 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Keep in mind that you will need 100 GB of space to install the game. Pre-load of the game is also expected to start by the end of this week.

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