Transformers Fall of Cybertron Blueprints and Audio Logs Locations Guide

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron details the events surrounding the fall of the home planet of Transformers. Decepticons have taken over the Cybertron and for Autobots, it’s a battle for survival now, the one which they can’t afford to lose. Our Transformers Fall of Cybertron Blueprints and Audio Logs Locations Guide will expand more on this backstory.

Their only hope to survive is to get to the Ark and leave the damn planet for good. Hasbro turned the game into a treat for Transformers fans when they confirmed that the story of the game is official.

While it is a battle for survival, a very serious battle that you must win, but that shouldn’t make you forget about the two important collectibles that you need to track throughout the game. Why? To get a platinum trophy or 1000 gamerscore points.

You can unlock Cassetticon Audiophile by collecting all audio logs in the game while for Beachcomber, you will have to collect all blueprints in the game. These two achievements/trophies require a lot of work, which has forced us to opt for videos rather than text to guide you to the locations to collect these.

Each chapter with audio logs and blueprints has its own video. I will suggest you to do the collectibles run on your second play-through. For first play-through, just enjoy the story!

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Blueprints and Audio Logs Locations

The locations of the Audio logs and the Blueprints have been identified briefly in this guide Chapter wise. So go through the guide to get your hands on the collectibles.

Chapter 2: Defend The Ark

Audio Logs

  1. At the start of the level, turn around to go around the corner on the right to find a small corridor. At the far end will be the audio log.
  2. When you run into Warpath, go to the right side and enter the hanger. After the large explosion, go up the stairs and find the log on the far right side.
  3. While you are protecting the nerve center door a drop ship will open and some Decepticons will rush in. Clear them out, go to the raised walkway across from the door, to the corridor on the left of where you first entered. A door will now be open there with an audio log inside it.
  4. As soon as you enter the door to the nerve center, make a left and go to the small room where you fill find one next to some gears
  5. When you enter the large outdoor area, there will be the exit at the far side in the center, a moleculon cube to the left side, and a corridor on the right side that leads to a door and a fuse terminal. Grab the moleculon cube and take it over to the right side door and go through. The audio log will be sitting on the crate directly across from the door.
  6. Once you enter the door from the previous large outdoor area, drop off the ledge to the ground below and take a few steps to the right. You will see several TVs and in between them will be the audio log.
  7. When you reach Starscream and the shotgun Decepticons, go up the stairs, but before entering the next room, go to the right and make your way to the ledge above. Follow it to the left and there will be a small opening on the right side at the far end across from the door there. Shoot the floor and jump down one level. Go to right and you will see the audio log


  1. Photon Burst Rifle: Once you talk to Perceptor, you will split up from your allies. Go to the room with a large red light to find the blueprint.
  2. Mark –O Orbital Beacon: Just past where you first run into Starscream and the shotgun Decepticons, go up the stairs and then enter the room on the left. Go past the Autobots bodies and up the small set of stairs and continue forward till you find the bluprints.

Chapter 3: Metroplex Heeds the Call

Audio logs

  1. The first audio log can be found just after crossing the bridge that Metroplex steps over. Go down to the lower level and go right to find the logs behind the pipes
  2. Just after the large battle with the Leapers, Metroplex will destroy the cannon and in the process open a path up a ramp. There is a log on the ground on the entrance of this path.
  3. As you get to the first door you need to pry open, there will be an ion lift to the left of it that you can activate with the Moleculon Fuse found in the other side of the small area. Use the fuse to activate the lift and hop up to the breakable grate where the audio log is inside.
  4. When Metroplex smush a gang of Decepticons with his hand.Drop down to the second ramp below and you can find the audio log there.
  5. As you enter the large area with the Marauder, the audio log will be on the far right side behind a column.
  6. After the large outdoor battle,head inside with Warpath to get closer to the Second Warp cannon. When you do, there will be a large statue that you must move with Warpath. Once you move it, go to the right side of it to find an audio log stuck in the side of it.
  7. When running through the corridor after destroying the second Warp Cannon, Metroplex will smash through and destroy some Leapers. Once he does, continue to the end of the corridor and go to the left to find the audio log there.


  1. Ultra Power Core: Just after the third audio log, Metroplex will smush a gan
  2. g of Decepticons upon which you must hop on the out-stretched piece of metal over the gap and walk all the way to the end of it then jump and dash to the upper level to find the blue print on the left side.
  3. Chaos-Rift Combustor: Once you cross the large open area to meet up with Warpath, Enter the wrecked ship to find the Blueprints on the deck.

Chapter 4:Eye of the Storm

Audio Logs

  1. When the mission starts activate your cloaking and take out a Decepticon. Make your way to the right and then down the ramp to find the audio log beside a dead robot.
  2. Operate the trash compacter by pulling the lever, hop on it when it comes down and then go forward through the opening. There is another log at the end of corridor
  3. Kill the Decepticon Securitybots which will open a gate and more Decepticons will come through. Go through that door and make your way to the right to find the audio log on the side of the passage.
  4. Go up the large dirt ramp and drop down to go through another tunnel, follow it to the fork and make a right. At the other end, you’ll find the audio log just as you leave.
  5. Make your way through the tomb quietly until you come across a tunnel that has a fire burning behind bars left to it. Go through the tunnel, stay left and follow the path to come out to a small room with a statue. In the center of the room will be the audio log.


  1. Subsonic Repeater: When the mission starts, Jazz opens a path with his grapple to allow you to pass. Enter and on the left side of the long passage will be the first blueprint.
  2. Corrosive Slime Cannon: When going through the waste disposal, Jazz will tell you to find a way upstairs. Go up the ramp and on the right side will be a bot with the blueprints at his feet.
  3. V32 Cybr Corrupt@r: Once you pass the security gate with green lights in the tomb by going through the tunnel on the left side, go around the corner to find the blueprints on the ground.
  4. Nucleon Charge Rifle: The final blueprint can be found when you enter the room with pods moving by on track. Jazz opens the door to the right of his position, go in the room to find the blueprint on the right side.

Chapter 5: Cut and Run

Audio Logs

  1. Upon escaping the toxic area and you rescuing Cliffjumper, the audio log will be on the left side of the path.
  2. Deal with the snipers and break the Titan’s chain to create a bridge, you go up the newly formed stairs to enter a room with a moving monitor in the center. The audio log will be directly to the right of it.
  3. While breaking the wall for Cliffjumper as he deals with the snipers,enter the room to see the audio log on the left side of the room.
  4. After you pull the door pulley to let Cliffjumper run under the large door, grapple up to the right and then continue to go right down the corridor till you reach the end to find a lever, interact with it. Look up to the right to find an opening you can grapple to that will have the audio log within it.


  1. Thermo Mine Payload: When Cliffjumper warns you about the mass of enemies on the other side of the door you pulled, grapple across three platforms there. On the second, there is an opening below it that will lead to an area containing the blueprint.
  2. D.K. Techvolt: Help Cliffjumper who is deal with the snipers, he will run ahead and you will need to break down a wall to continue. Pull the wall down to enter it to see a dead robot in the center of the room with blue electricity. The blueprint will be at his feet.
  3. Gear Shredder: When you reach the room that has a buzz saw. Look in front of it to find the blueprint on the ground.

Chapter 6: Death from Above

Audio Logs

  1. As the level starts, stay low to go through the third pipe. Once you do, the audio log will be on a platform in the center.
  2. When you are flying with Blastoff near the beginning, make a left turn into a large pipe and blow up a door. To find a long on the ground to the right.
  3. As you encounter the Autobots, use your Shockwave attack and fly under the bridge then go to the far end to find the log on the ground near a column.
  4. Once you open the large security door, and before you place the detonator on the next, go to the right and there will be a log inside the pod there.
  5. Enter the bridge to find the center support column, ride a lift downwards when you find it. When it stops, follow the path and the log will be on the ground to the left.


Energon Harvester: When you first encounter the Autobots and use your Shockwave attack, go to the far end of the bridge and the blue print will be hanging off the first room you come to.

Chapter 7: Belly of the Beast

Audio Logs

During this short mission, grapple across some platforms to avoid the green acid below. Go to the left as you start grappling till you reach a box where the log will be.


Energon Recharger: When you are driving under the carrier, you will eventually come to the only structure along the way. When you reach it, the blueprint will be against the wall in front of it.

Chapter 8: Combaticons Combine

Audio Logs

  1. Exit the carrier by blowing open the door and grapple up. Once on the platform there, turn and grapple to the next higher platform across from you to find the log there.
  2. When you reach the lever to unlock the ammunition covers, the audio log is on the level below the switch and just to the left in the corner.
  3. Explode the shells for the cannon and make your way to the other side of the transport. When you reach the back of it, the log will be on the catwalk just before the burners on the right side.


A-4 Pulsar Cannon: When you are outside of the transport, use your grapple to extend the bridge, cross it and find the blueprint in a pod.

Chapter 9: Megatron Returns

Audio Logs

Once Megatron is complete, blow open the door to find some prison cells on the other side. Use your hover and go above the second cell to find the log there on the left.


Riot Cannon: Just after you pass the large golden Starscream statue, the room will have a blueprint in a dome. When it retracts as you approach it, grab it.

Chapter 10: The Final Countdown

Audio Logs

  1. Near the beginning, hop over a wall to proceed. Continue going to the far end and jump to the upper platform to find the log in the corner.
  2. When you reach the door you need to go through just after the cannons on the towers are firing at you, continue past and go to the end of the area to find an audio log under a firing cannon.
  3. Talk to Optimus and walk out to an open area from above.Drop down to find a dead bot and an audio log there.
  4. Upon defeating Autobot Titan a hole in the ceiling will open at the barred openings on the upper level against the wall. Hop up through the new opening to access the room on the other side where there is an audio log at the bottom of the stairs.
  5. Laserbeak will open a door that you must shoot down to find the final audio log to the right of the lever in the center of the room.

Chapter 11: Starscream’s Betrayal

Audio Logs

  1. Once you are in control of Starscream, you can get this log on the left side of the first room near the exit.
  2. An audio log can be found in each of the three of the large walled rooms along the platforms in the center of the sky.They are against the wall on a stand in each room..
  3. When you have the Det-EMPs placed,fly to the right side of the large structure in the center to find a small opening in the roof. Find the log there.
  4. Enter the opening at the end of the passage in the tunnel and follow it to the left,to the far end. It will lead to another opening higher up that takes you to the room behind the bars in the first corridor where the audio log can now be accessed.
  5. Rescue Swoop and interact with the door on other side if the arena. Break it down, and there will be an audio log on the other side.
  6. You will come through a corridor with a Teletraan on the left side after talking to Swoop.Break it, and then hack through the door behind it to find another room. Grab the audio log that is sitting in front of the globe.
  7. Defeat Hardshell and enter a security grid walkway with holes on the floor. The audio log is underneath the walkway on the right side.

Chapter 12: Grimslock Smash

Audio Logs

  1. When the mission starts, Grimlock falls through the floor and separates from Swoop. Go to the far end of the green liquid on the floor and there will be a small enclave there with the log inside it.
  2. Once you fall through the floor a second time, continue to walk forward where the Insecticons begin to attack to find the audio log on the ground.
  3. Meet up with Slug and knock down a pillar to cross a gap. Go forward and look to the right to see a small cave where the audio log is. Hop over the gap and break the orange pods to get it.
  4. As Slug helps you up the ledge after dealing with the swarm of Insecticons outside, go to the right before entering the tunnel to find the final audio log in an opening at the bottom of the ramp

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