The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Mira Farming Guide

This Trails of Cold Steel Mira Farming Guide will help you quickly farm Mira in The Legend of Heroes with our easy-to-follow farming tips.

This Trails of Cold Steel Mira Farming Guide will help you quickly farm Mira in The Legend of Heroes. Mira is simply the currency that you use to purchase items and other stuff. There are a number of ways to earn it, which you will learn in this guide.

The guide is very easy, and it should enable you to quickly buy whatever you need in the legend of Cold Steel. Our Mira Farming Guide involves some cooking and uses the general store in Trista.


First, play the game until you reach the deployment day of your first field study, and then adequately prepare for the trip. Make sure you do not convert all of your Sepith Mass, as it will be required. If you have already passed this point in your play through, keep playing until your next field study before doing the next step.

Now, head over to Brandon’s General Goods. By this game stage, you will have already collected some Sepith Mass, which you must convert to Mira. You need:

  • Fresh Eggs – 99
  • Sepith Mass – 594
  • Coarse Salt Rock – 99


There will be a ‘Simple omelet recipe’ in your notebook. Cook that recipe with Elliot, if you did not learn Elliot’s cooking skill earlier in the game, then you will need to use someone else with the same skill set such as Emma.

This method of farming Mira in The Legend of Heroes should work as long as you can cook the simple omelet. Once you cook the recipe, you will have an adequate amount of “Soft & Fluffy Omelet” and “Warm Egg Soup” in your inventory.

Alternate Method

This is another great way for farming Mira in Trails of Cold Steel. This includes the following steps.

  • Have the force master quartz and initial quartz of Reans on level 4 or above.
  • Then go to chapter 4, day 2, and the Underground Waterway 2 in the Heimdallr.
  • Now you have to equip these: Gladiator headband and belt, Fie, along with the Force master quartz (if the level is 4 or above. However, you can also opt for Septium and Dragon vein quartz.
  • After this be ready to have a combat with an enemy. You have to encounter Sharkodile, and in case of having 5 enemies in the area, it is recommended to use Fie S-Craft/Break.
  • Once you are done, move out of the area and then head back to it.
  • Then you will gain profit.

Sepith Mass

Keep the Sepith Mass; you can sell it to get Mira in the game. It is the simple way to farm Mira so far.

Side Quests

Another method for getting Mira is to complete the side quests, so make sure you do not miss any.

Sell the Items

Clear out your inventory but for your benefit. You can sell the items, equipment, and other stuff that is no longer in use and is only eating up the space in the inventory. And by doing so, you can earn Mira instantly.

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