Traditional Console Cycles Have Come to an End, Says NPD Analyst

NPD analyst Mat Piscatella recently took the opportunity to talk about the success of PlayStation and according to him the “Traditional Console Cycles are over.”

Sony announced recently that PS4 has reached lifetime shipments of 86 millions by now without any signs of decrease. It has even exceeded their expectations. PS4 is now 5 years old but unlike previous gen, it’s not slowing down. Same goes for Xbox One.

A curious gamer asked Mat Piscatella about the resistance of current-gen consoles. To which he replied by stating some reasons.

“A few reasons… PS4 Pro, strong slate, Fortnite bump, the impact of service based games being the most prominent. And you’re right, normal cyclicality would have sales declining at this point. Xbox One also up big this year for similar reasons. Traditional Console cycles are over.”

It’s no doubt that the current gen consoles are still strong. With games like Red Dead Redemption 2, God Of War and upcoming The Last Of Us 2, we think there’s a lot of juice still left in these machines.

Though don’t worry, it’s almost confirmed that we are going to get PS5 and Xbox Scarlet in the future. Nintendo is also rumored to release another version of the Switch so we will have to wait and see where it goes.

Now since we are talking about the future of consoles, there’s a lot of expectations from upcoming machines including the cloud gaming support. Recently, EA opened up about the upcoming consoles and said that they would like to see these come with cloud gaming support.

EA seems very serious about cloud gaming as they have now introduced their own service called Project Atlas. This service will allow you to play EA games on your mobile device or computer without any hassle. One drawback of streaming games is obviously the fast internet connection required so keep that in mind.

As for PS5, it’s expected to be revealed at the upcoming PlayStation Devcon 2018 event. It’s one of the big events by Sony where they talk about their gaming products with developers.

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