Realistic AF Tracer Pulse Pistol That Shoots Lasers And Burns Stuff

Overwatch is all the hype these days and we reported that the game has reached the milestone of having 25 million registered players. So it comes as no surprise that the cover girl of the game, Tracer has made a place in the hearts of many gamers around the world. Here we have a realistic Tracer pulse pistol replica made by a cosplay enthusiast and you will see that the Tracer pulse pistol replica is able to shoot lasers that burn things.

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It is interesting to see the level of detail that has been achieved in making this Tracer pulse pistol as the dial in between actually rotates when you fire the gun. The laser matches the blue glow that we have seen in the game and everything else is just spot on.

We can see that the Tracer pulse pistol has two firing modes. One fires a continuous laser and the other has a burst fire feature to it.

This Tracer pulse pistol is capable of causing some serious damage and while the laser may not be life threatening it can burn through materials like cotton and boxes. This makes it a very realistic cosplay weapon indeed.

We would like to see what went into making the Tracer pulse pistol and I think that this YouTuber might upload a video showing how the gun was made sometime in the future but as of right now we just have this one video to check out the awesomeness of the Tracer pulse pistol.

Tracer Pulse Pistol

Overwatch is catching on fast and it has also won the award for game of the year which came as no surprise to me as I play the game myself. Though I need to get my hands around how to play Tracer being a player of the game I do have an attachment to the character. What do you think about this Tracer pulse pistol?

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