Toxtricity Is The Most Searched Pokemon Since Pokemon Sword and Shield Release

Toxtricity is the most searched species in Pokemon Sword and Shield on popular source Serebii. What is the reasoning behind it?

Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out for a week now and as it seems Toxtricity is its most popular species. Famous Pokemon source Serebii announced the top 10 most searched pokemon in its database and Toxel’s evolution is the first one to pop up.

The news comes from Joe Merrick on Twitter, providing the full list of most searched pokemon for the new game. According to his post, Toxtricity is the first in popularity in Pokemon Sword and Shield, with Dragapult coming second. Interestingly, Toxel comes in third, proving that this isn’t a random occurrence. Here’s the full list of most searched pokemon on Serebii:

1. Toxtricity
2. Dragapult
3. Toxel
4. Grimmsnarl
5. Applin
6. Corviknight
7. Dreepy
8. Flapple
9. Appletun
10. Cinderace

Toxel is an Electric and Poison Type which gives it strength and makes it strong against Flying, Steel, Electric, Fighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, and Fairy. As a result, it has a weakness against Psychic and Ground-type pokemon. This doesn’t even come close to why Toxtricity is so popular in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To evolve Toxel into Toxtricity, you need to raise it to level 30. You get two forms: Amped and Low Key. You can choose any of the two, depending on the nature of your Pokemon.

If you want to grind into getting the best Toxel, the highest appearance ratings are in Stony Wilderness with Thunderstorm weather. This way, you get a 40% chance of the pokemon to pop up.

In related pokemon news, Serebii has also announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield sales have broken 6 million units sold in its first weekend. This makes the newest pair of Pokemon games the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch hardware in history, even in spite of the controversy leading up to the game’s release date.

Given the game’s popularity in addition to the fact that Black Friday and the winter holidays are on the way, we can expect Nintendo Switch sales to get a big boost too. Pokemon has been a console-selling franchise since its humble beginnings, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more gamers invest in the hybrid console.

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