How To Beat A Void Rift In Tower Of Fantasy

Void Rifts are a special type of dungeon in Tower of Fantasy that players can run before defeating a challenging boss at the end for various rewards.

The difficulty ceiling of Void Rifts makes them nearly impossible for solo play. You will need to create a party to better your chances against not only the dungeon boss but also its mobs. However, if you are really good and well-equipped, you can always try your luck by entering Void Rifts all alone.

The following guide will tell you all there is to know about beating Void Rifts in Tower of Fantasy.

How to complete a Void Rift in Tower of Fantasy

When you enter the late game, Void Rifts will become a part of your daily and weekly missions. You will need to run these as part of a timely checklist to amass enough rewards for your character upgrades.

The bosses in the Void Rifts are actually the last of many challenges as the players are to face a lot of enemies before they start to encounter the boss.

You must follow a strategy before you plunge into the fight. It is always better to be along with friends whom you can coordinate with during the fight. If you are not playing with friends, you still need to follow the same strategy as you would have followed with your peers.

The first thing you need to be very sure of is your gear. There’s no room for experimenting here and you must come up with your best gear.

The second thing you must bring is a great shield-breaking weapon. Scythe of the Crow is one such weapon that you can bring to break the boss’ shields easily. If you fail to bring any such weapon, do not expect to survive for long.

Thirdly, in addition to bringing a good healer or otherwise plenty of food, buffs can play a critical role in your success. It doesn’t matter if you are using a buff or your peer is using it. So, if you feel you don’t need some specific buff, give it to your party member to make it count.

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