How To Spend Vitality In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy does a bad job of explaining its many resources and systems to players. Vitality, for example, can be a bit tricky to understand. You have to charge it before spending the bar on various activities.

The following guide will make it easier for you to understand what Vitality is and how it can be spent in Tower of Fantasy.

How To Spend Vitality In Tower of Fantasy

The best way to explain how Vitality works is by taking the example of Resin from Genshin Impact—an energy resource that you spend doing certain activities in return for various rewards. Just like Resin, Vitality is needed to take part in various side activities. Simply do these activities and you will spend Vitality.

Players will be able to make use of Vitality after defending the Shelter from ravagers. After that, PvE missions will be unlocked, which requires players to be in a group. To take part in these open world activities and PvE side missions, players need to have the Vitality resource.

Taking part in these group operations is vital for healthy progress in the game. It will help you to level up faster in the game. You’ll be able to unlock the missions gradually after level 20 by opening the Adventure Tab shown as a pair of swords in the top right corner of the screen.

Another purpose that Vitality serves in Tower of Fantasy is the SSR character. Starpath Navigation tasks are there for beginners to get free access to anyone SSR character. It is available for the first 21 days after the launch of Tower of Fantasy. It requires different missions to be completed that give you a specific number of points.

You need to earn 700 points to unlock the SSR Selecter Box from which you can get the free SSR Character. One of these missions is to spend 840 Vitality which will give you 175 points in total.

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