How To Solve Ring Of Echos Music Puzzle In Tower Of Fantasy

Ring of Echos Music is one of the puzzles you will come across in Tower of Fantasy. This particular one features multiple platforms with musical nodes that you must set in the right order.

It is a rather tricky puzzle to solve in the game but does grant some useful rewards in the end.

The following guide will show you how to solve the Ring of Echos music note puzzle in Tower of Fantasy.

Ring Of Echos Puzzle Solution

As already stated, you must jump atop the platforms in a specific order to solve the puzzle. To recognize the right order of the platforms, you may want to step on the metal circle to face the cliff where the platforms are.

Although few of the platforms are situated above the ground, making it hard to jump on, you can still manage to reach them with the proper technique.

The first platform is found between two trees right from the stone ramp. Simply head straight a bit from the cliff and find the platform slightly to the right.

Once you’ve jumped on the first platform, musical nodes will appear, indicating that you must jump onto the next platform.

The second platform is on the other side of the stone ramp where you found the first platform. Once you jump on it, it will start glowing along with the third platform.

The third platform of the Ring of Echos music puzzle is found behind the second platform. To reach the platform, simply jump a level. It will be quite easy to find as it will illuminate along with the second platform.

Once you’ve jumped on the third platform above the ground, step on the left platform and then the right to complete the Ring of Echos Music puzzle.

Ring Of Echos Music Puzzle Rewards

Once you’ve jumped onto the series of platforms in the correct order, a chest will appear on the metal circle containing the Gold Nucleus, which is a currency used to roll weapons and characters in Tower of Fantasy.



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