How To Get Potent Omnium Crystals In Tower Of Fantasy

Potent Omnium Crystals are a rare resource that you can find in Tower of Fantasy to make yourself stronger. They are used for upgrading suppressors, amplifiers, and sequences.

That being said, actually finding these crystals is easier said than done. Read on to learn about different ways to obtain the Potent Omnium Crystals in the Tower of Fantasy.

How To Farm Potent Omnium Crystals

One way to obtain the crystals is by visiting and searching the Ruins in the open world. Make sure to visit as many Ruins as you can where you will come across chests which will provide you with rewards upon opening them. Potent Omnium Crystals are also one of the rewards of these chests so remember to open as many chests as you can to get more crystals.

Moreover, you can also get these crystals by completing missions, winning boss fights, and finishing quests. After you are done with a quest or a boss fight, press the Esc button and you will be able to get your reward from the Terminal.

The crystals can also be bought from the Crew store for 500 crew points. This is a relatively easier option than all other methods however, it is a little expensive. You will have to actively take part in your crew activities and missions to earn more crew points and buy the crystals. If you are in a Crew, you can easily buy them by pressing the Crew Tab from the Commissary.

Lastly, you can also obtain the crystals by clearing the Bygone Phantasms. These are unlocked once you reach level 26 in the game and can be selected by first opening the Bounty Menu and then pressing the Select Tab button.

Now that you have obtained enough Potent Omnium Crystals, use them wisely to improve your stats and get powerful. Better stats will enable you to clear the quests without any hassle and you will also be able to defeat bosses with ease.

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