Tower of Fantasy Matrices Guide

This guide will give information regarding matrices in Tower of Fantasy and how these seemingly simple items can provide major benefits.

Matrices in Tower of Fantasy are an important part of the game giving you additional stats buffs like damage, health, and other amazing stats depending on the artifact you farm. This guide will give information regarding matrices, how they work and which matrices you need to equip depending on your weapons.

What are Matrices

Matrices are like artifacts in the ToF that provide you additional stats that you equip on your weapons to provide bonuses based on your playstyle. They are four types of categories in the Matrices

  • Mind
  • Memory
  • Belief
  • Emotion

Each Matrix has its own fixed stats depending on the category,

  • For the Mind Category, the stats are HP and Crit
  • For the Memory and Belief Category, the default stats are Attack and HP.
  • For Emotion, the stats are Attack and Resistance.

Matrices vary based on the rarity and Set piece of a Matrix. For example, if you have an SR Matrix in your inventory, the default will be higher than the R Matrix, giving you bonus stats. Equipping the same set bonus will grant you bonus stats that will grant you additional stats just like in the picture given below.

Tower of Fantasy Matrices

Upgrading your Matrices is essential for the survivability of your character. You can level up your Matrices by using the “Develop” button and auto-add your useless matrices or Matrix Data pack giving you XP depending on their rarities. The higher the rating the higher XP you will receive.

How to Get More Matrices

There are many ways to get Matrices in Tower of Fantasy. You can either do World Bosses which requires a minimum of 8 players. You will find one boss in each region that will have multiple health bars and will be hard to deal with.

Joint Operation requires high coordination between your teammates to complete and also consumes 30 Vitality to open a single box up to 90 energy. There are a total of 5 Joint operations you can do with your team that activates only on specific days.

Lastly, you can get Matrices from the Choice Matrices banner. The banner consumes a resource named “Proof of Purchase” that you can find by either exploration or just by completing the battle pass. After 40 openings, you get a guaranteed SSR Matrix that has 4 set bonus and higher stats than all the other Matrices in the game.

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