Tower of Fantasy Gifting Guide

Gifts are basically items that you can give to your Simulacra to Awaken them. Other than this, Gifts also allow you to unlock other rewards such as Avatars and Unique traits for the Simulacra that you have gifted. In this guide we will explain how to get Gifts in Tower of Fantasy and the best gifts for each character to get the max awakening points.

How to Get Gifts

The first thing you need before you present gifts to your Simulacra is to get the gift itself.

There are three main ways to get gifts. The first is the simplest, that you purchase them from the various Vendors around the game. You get a load of money as you progress through the game, and you can use it to buy gifts from any vendor that you want.

Next, you can spend Training Points at the points store to buy gifts. You get Training Points by going to Training Facilities and completing various tasks. You get a few daily tasks and you can complete these to get Training Points, which you can then spend on Points Stores.

Lastly, you can spend Crystal Dust to buy Gifts. For this, you need to go to the Crystal Dust Store. You get daily tasks that require you to spend Vitality. Completing these daily Tasks reward you with Crystal Dust, the only currency for Crystal Dust Store.

These are all the mainstream ways of buying gifts. Other than these, you will find a Vendor that appears only once a week in Banges. The vendor, named Claude, can also be visited to purchase gifts.

Claude features more rare versions of gifts, which are also sold at a much higher price. If you want to buy something from Claude, make sure you save up.

Best Gifts for Each Character in Tower of Fantasy

Each of your Simulacra has preferences of what gifts they like and each Simulacra has tiers of Gifts that will provide them higher Awakening Points, the higher the tier of gift you give them.

Gift Name Character Best For Awakening Points
Aida Comic Crow, Echo +80
Angela Ornament Huma. Pepper, Nemes +80
Crown Token King +80
Limited tata Figurine Crow, Hilda +80
New Game Console Zero, Echo +80
Plush Toy Tsubasa +80
Silver Cookware Shiro +80
Snow Globe Bai Ling +80
Void Angel Figurine Tsubasa +80
Warren Fossil King, Meryl, Shiro, Bai Ling +80

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