How To Find/Activate Force Induction Plates In Tower Of Fantasy

There are some, mysterious metallic disc-like objects embedded into the environment that you are likely to come across while exploring...

There are some, mysterious metallic disc-like objects embedded into the environment that you are likely to come across while exploring Aesperia in Tower of Fantasy.

These are called Force Induction Plates. They are environmental puzzles that you can solve for either Gold or Black Nucleus, some of the in-game gacha currencies you can spend on gacha banners for a chance to upgrade your R/SR/SSR armaments.

Furthermore, solving Force Induction Plates grants you progression points that help in fully exploring the regions where the plates were found.

The following guide will show how you can find and solve Force Induction Plates for their valuable rewards in Tower of Fantasy.

How To Find Force Induction Plates

Force Induction Plates will not start appearing until you reach the Crown region, the fourth region in the game that lies east of Banges. The main storyline will automatically guide you to this region.

Inside the Crown region, look for Force Induction Plates in the mountains or rocky terrains. These plates are embedded into the earth like a crater. Hence, do not expect to find them on flat grounds.

You can also use the map to find all available Force Induction Plates in the area. That, however, requires you to first have unlocked them by exploring the region.

How To Activate Force Induction Plates

Solving the Force Induction Plate puzzles is pretty easy. All you have to do is activate the induction plates with an “intense downward impact”, which can be done by performing a downward slam attack after jumping into the air.

However, this action can only be done by specific weapons. Ene’s Pummeler, King’s Scythe of the Crow, and Meryl’s Rosy Edge are the most ideal weapons for performing a downward strike.

The Scythe of the Crow and Rosy Edge are able to perform a diving attack that can be landed on the induction plates to activate them. The Pummeler though has a normal, frontal attack that still works to activate the plates.

There are also other weapons that can activate Force Induction Plates. Unfortunately, Tower of Fantasy does not clearly explain which weapons fit the bill.

Some players, for example, have discovered that Thunderblades can be used to perform a diagonal diving attack to activate the plates. Samir’s downward barrage also does the job.

It appears that you do not necessarily need a downward impact from the air. There are workarounds that players are discovering for themselves. Consider that a little something for you to invest your time in while exploring in Tower of Fantasy.

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