How To Ascend Weapons In Tower Of Fantasy

Making your character more powerful in combat is one of the main progression goals in Tower of Fantasy. Here, understanding how weapon ascension works becomes extremely important if you are looking to wipe out all enemies to rule the PvP arena.

The following guide will explain how to ascend weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Ascend Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Ascending weapons in Tower of Fantasy means boosting their star ratings to 1 star and beyond. To do that, you’ll need to find duplicates of the weapon you want to ascend. Note that every weapon in the game has its own dupes for ascension.

Dupes are mainly required to increase the base stats of the weapons if you are aiming to ace the PvP aspect of Tower of Fantasy. If your focus is the PvE aspect, the base weapons are enough to carry you through the game.

There’s only one way in Tower of Fantasy through which you can get the dupes of a weapon and that is by pulling the banners. Tower of Fantasy is a gacha game and hence, players familiar with the genre will know what banners are. Pulling down banners gives you a random assortment of items and weapons of random rarities. If you are lucky, you’ll get the dupes you need.

Once you have your dupes, press the Esc button and open weapons. After finding the weapon that you want to ascend, click on it and choose the option of Advancement. It will cost 500 gold and the weapon fusion core that you got after getting a dupe of the weapon.

After getting this done and following all the procedures, you’ll be good to go and bash in PvP mode. That is pretty much everything about ascending a weapon in Tower of Fantasy that you would need to have knowledge of.

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