Toukiden 2 Announced; Hits PS3, PS4, PS Vita in 2016

Koei Tecmo has announced Toukiden 2 the sequel to 2013's hunting game for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita; game releases in 2016.

The original Toukiden came out in 2013 for Sony’s handheld but this time it is returning with a full coverage on all things Sony. Koei Tecmo has revealed that Toukiden 2 is going to be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation Vita!

The confirmation came from Sony Computer Entertainment’s pres conference at Tokyo Game Show 2015 among a number of other announcements that were equally lucrative.

However, just like most of the announcements made through SCEJA’s conference, Toukiden 2 also did not get a lot of details. What we do know is that the hunting game is going to be open world and it will be developed by Omega Force.

We will have to wait a little while before Koei Tecmo or Omega Force actually start talking about it. However, one good thing that they have done for us is the release of some screenshots that will at least give the fans an idea of what the game might feel like by the time it actually gets released in the markets.

Check out each of the screenshots in the gallery below.

We have been told that Toukiden 2 is going to be released sometime in 2016 although the publishers did not talk about a more specific release date – or even release window.

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