Total War Warhammer Tips: Unit Fatigue, Leadership, Battle Strategy

Total War Warhammer players control massive army units and factions so there are some aspects that could become confusing sometimes but minor tips and explanation can help you do better in Total War Warhammer.

You will need to understand how leadership, unit fatigue, and commands during battles affect your gameplay and could be the decisive factors of a battle.

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Total War Warhammer Tips: Unit Fatigue, Leadership, Battle Strategy Guide

Unit Fatigue

This is something you will need to keep an eye out for constantly during battle. Fatigue is a major influencer of battles in Total War Warhammer. During battles, your soldier will get tried, especially, the ones involved in melee combat. Resting your soldiers will not only help them recover but can replenish your casualties as well. Of course, you can not rest your soldier during combat but you can provide support from other fresh units and call tired ones back to rest up.

The good news is that enemy units will also get tired so take advantage of that.


The stress of combat will bring down your unit’s moral. However, strong leadership can deal the horrors and stresses of war.  Check the white horizontal bar below the health bar of the unit which shows the discipline of an army unit.

A lord controls your unit and his leadership is crucial to your success. He can keep the unit under him disciplined. However, in order for him to do that you need to keep upgrading your heroes and lords from time to time. A great tip is to keep your low disiplin units away from enemy units that spread terror in the area.

Commands and Battle Tips

Keep in mind that you need to improvise and change your stretagy during battle from time to time, depending on how good or bad you are doing in the battle. You can control up to 40 units at the same time and the worst thing you can do is set up the entire formation in the beginning and leave it as it is without being involved.

Your units will most likely fight in different locations and with different enemy units. So setting everything up in the beginning and not doing anything is very risky. It is a gamble that doesn’t pay off too often, especially, at higher levels.

Look at the upper right corner to locate buttons that control the flow of time so speed up the process.

It is recommended that you be involved in real time and from time to time issue commands to your troops based on the situation of the battle.

There is also an active pause that stops the battle but you will be able to issue commands to your troops before resuming battle. Use this feature as much as you can to better control the flow of battle. Study the type of units your opponent is using, use your best lords and heroes to tame their most feared beasts and unit formations.

The enemy will try to do the same.

Protect your melee units by by backing them up with missile units and marksmen. It is important that you keep an eye on the types of units your enemy is sending to the battlefield, counter accordingly.

For instance, an enemy sends its most skilled lord to the frontlines then you need to focus all of your marksmen, artillery and skilled melee combatants on him and his unit. Taking powerful lords down will not only boost the morale of your army but will decrease their moral as well.

This is all we have on Total War Warhammer Tips. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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