Total War Warhammer 3 Realms of Chaos Guide

This guide will explain everything regarding Realm of Chaos in Total War Warhammer 3. We will go over each of the 4 realms in the Total War Warhammer 3 campaign and tell you the best way to conquer all of them swiftly.

How to Unlock Realms of Chaos in Total War Warhammer 3?

Realm of Chaos is the main campaign story of Total Warhammer 3. In this campaign, you will have to deal with hoards of Chaos armies as you make your way through the realm of different monsters.

There are a total of 4 realms in the Realm of Chaos campaign of TW Warhammer 3 that you will need to traverse to complete the campaign successfully.

To unlock the Realm of Chaos, you will first need to play and complete 1/3rd of Total War: Warhammer 3’s campaign. Then, at around 35% progress, 4 Chaos Rifts will appear around the map, each of them giving access to one of the realms. Your objective in each realm will be to claim a daemon prince’s soul.

You will enter the Realm of Chaos in Warhammer 3 through the leader of the faction army. The rifts can also be utilized to travel between them.

Below we have listed all four chaos realms in Warhammer 3 along with tips to claim the Daemon prince’s soul.

Khorne: The Blood God’s Domain Chaos Realm

Khorne’s Realm of Chaos is a crucible in which you must battle and destroy rogue forces in order to gain Bloodshed.

The objective is to be the first faction to fill its meter. The first side to complete their meter will get the opportunity to fight the demon prince in the Brass Citadel.

While in the realm, you can claim a strong demonic weapon that renders you impenetrable in each corner.

If you complete the realm, you will be able to take this weapon to the outer world. However, if you enter another Realm of Chaos, you will lose the weapon.

How to Conquer Khorne: The Blood God’s Domain

The best way to conquer this realm in Total War: Warhammer 3 is to first focus on the other factions before going after the enemies.

As your main aim is to fill your meter, if you defeat the other factions that have entered the realm, you will eliminate your competition and then be able to fill the meter much more quickly and easily.

Another tip you should follow is that while fighting Khorne, bring a powerful infantry lineup as the enemies in this realm are weak against infantry weapons.

You may always utilize the ‘replenishments’ option in the bottom right if you run out of ammo during fights.

Slaanesh: The Dark Prince’s Domain Chaos Realm

Slaanesh’s Realm of Chaos in Warhammer 3 has a layered design, making it a bit trickier than Khorne’s realm.

You will have to descend different layers of this realm one by one through the different gates. However, Slaanesh will offer a reward to leave the realm every time you pass through a gate.

One of the rewards Slaanesh offers is Dark Prince’s Paramour. The Dark Prince’s Paramour auxiliary grants +25 control to every province, thereby ending rebellions and Chaos uprisings for the remainder of the game. Other rewards that Slaanesh offers range from different amounts of gold, up to 90,000.

How to Conquer Slaanesh: The Dark Prince’s Domain

To conquer this Chaos realm, it is absolutely crucial that you enter the realm before any other factions do.

As explained above, this realm is layered. If some faction enters before you, there is a high chance that they will be the one challenging Slaanesh. Slaneesh’s army has fast movement so make sure you are readily prepared for it.

Tzeentch: Sorcerer’s Realm

Tzeentch, the Lord of Change, rules the Realm of Chaos. In this realm, your aim will be to reach the Impossible Fortress located at the center of the map.

You will have to use the different teleporters around the realm to make your way there. The trick thing is that there is no information on which portal leads to what place.

You will have to keep using the different portals and note which portal ultimately leads to reaching the Impossible Fortress. This is the only way to find the correct way to the fortress.

How to Conquer Tzeentch: Sorcerer’s Realm

Tzeentch will be using spells and other types of ranged attacks at you. This may get really tricky to deal with.

The best way is to keep your units spaced out so that they have space to dodge the spells and ranged attacks. Then, focus on firing down any big threats you can as soon as you can.

Nurgle: Plaguelord Chaos Realm

The fourth and final realm is Nurgle’s Land of the Plaguelord. This Realm of the Chaos is simpler compared to the other ones.

In this realm, your objective is to cross the land which is infested with plague all over to reach the battle area for the final battle.

How to Conquer Nurgle: Plaguelord

Like Khorne’s realm, in this realm, eliminate the other competing factors as soon as you can so that you are the one who reaches the final battle area first.

If you get inflicted by the plague, use the encamp stance to recover from it. Nurgle’s troops are low-powered and don’t have any strong attacks. However, some of them may have high HP bars, so beware.

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